Bay Road underpass still vexing motorists

To the Editor:

I’m writing about the Bay Road stop sign area, which I travel through daily. Some town residents may remember that the pilot program of drivers taking turns to go under the railroad bridge ended some 23 months ago in November 2016. (Many, if not most, drivers have no idea!) Since that time, I communicated several times with both former Town Manager Joe Colangelo and Interim Town Manager Lee Krohn.

Some weeks ago, in a cordial phone conversation, I urged Lee to write a short piece for the Shelburne News. He politely replied that he doesn’t control what is published.

In a recent encounter, another car was stopped at one of the stop signs. I stopped at the other one, then proceeded.

The other driver stopped and informed me that we are to take turns. I replied that it ended two years ago. His response: “You’re so knowledgeable.” Appreciation? Sarcasm? While unsure, I do know for certain that I’ve had it with being scolded, yelled at, and “saluted” with one finger.

Maybe this letter will help since, unfortunately, the town has done a frustratingly inadequate job of spreading the word.

Ellen Gurwitz

Editor’s note: The Shelburne News contacted Interim Town Manager Lee Krohn who explained that two-way traffic through the underpass is legal. However, drivers should please use common sense if it looks as if they may not fit with an oncoming vehicle. “Be patient, be kind, be courteous,” Krohn advises.

One Response to "Bay Road underpass still vexing motorists"

  1. Logan Selkirk   October 4, 2018 at 12:34 pm

    A two way stop suggests that one car goes at a time. Given that the stop signs have stayed up it would seem that the pilot program is now permanent. I find that underpass to be much safer now because drivers are going slower and taking turns going through the narrow underpass. It seems that the author is the only person whose not following this rule given the responses of other drivers to her. Follow the road signs that are posted and correct usage of stop signs.


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