A morning jog shows that crosswalks work

To the Editor:

I’m writing in response to Ernie Goodrich’s letter from last week about the crosswalks in the Falls Road area.

As I was jogging around my “loop” this morning that includes four of the village crosswalks – the one that crosses Falls Road by Church Street, the one at the end of Falls Road by Marsett, the one that crosses Falls Road onto Bacon Street, and the one that crosses Mt. Philo Road back up to The Terraces – I was feeling very happy to feel safe and seen as I looped through my beautiful village.

In fact, I was wishing there was just one more crosswalk where I cross Marsett Road back into Hillside Terrace.

I’ve noticed a big difference in my morning jogs since the crosswalks have been installed – cars actually wait for me to cross the road! I feel that if we want Shelburne to be a real village where people feel safe walking with their families, friends, dogs, and riding their bikes rather than just a town that people drive through, then these crosswalks, and anything we can do to make Shelburne a pedestrian-friendly community, are a huge priority. 

Also, as we experience more fallout from global warming, anything that we can do to encourage people to get out of their cars (the leading contributor of greenhouse gas emissions) and onto their feet or bikes is definitely worth the small expense of painting crosswalks and enlarging sidewalks.

Joy Congdon

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