Keep deer healthy: use only synthetic deer lure

Hunters, take note: deer lure containing deer urine or other deer bodily fluids is banned by the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department. This type of lure could contain a mutant protein that can be passed through urine, which is the infectious agent of chronic wasting disease. The disease is 100 percent fatal for infected animals including deer and moose.

The mutant protein can bind to soils and remain infectious for years; there is no current method for testing live animals, and CWD can be spread for years before there are any detectable symptoms. 

One reason the urine-based deer lures are susceptible to CWD is that they are produced in facilities with captive deer, which is where the disease is most likely to occur.

Though the disease has not yet be detected in Vermont, it is important to remain vigilant and protest against it, since CWD can cause severe and irreversible population declines and cannot be eliminated once it is established in a population.

“No single buck is worth risking the health of Vermont’s entire deer herd,” said Nick Fortin, deer project leader for Vermont Fish & Wildlife.

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