An accident waiting to happen at bike path, Webster Road/Rte. 7

To the Editor:

A few weeks ago, my fears for the intersection of Route 7 and Webster Road where the bike path intersects were almost realized. Two young boys coming down Webster Road on the bike path turned left onto the sidewalk headed for the village. They had their helmets on, smiles on their faces, enjoying life. Four seconds after they turned, a car traveling north turned right onto Webster Road cutting across the end of the bike path where these two boys just were.

Most of the vehicles traveling north turning right onto Webster Road cut across the end of the bike path indicated by no paint on the road. Four second earlier and the results would have changed the life of these two boys, and all in their lives.

I have been watching this area for some time. I have parked in the driveway across the road to get a better sense of the area. I saw a Cadillac traveling south on Route 7 turn left onto Webster Road hit the sign trying to go up the bike path; a red pickup truck traveling North on Route 7 turned right also tried to go up the bike path, also hitting the sign.

This area is an accident waiting to happen. I spoke with then-Police Chief Jim Warden, who passed the information on to the town manager. The chief left and nothing was done. So, I called the manager and spoke with him directly. He was very friendly and agreed that something should be done, and would look into it. I also spoke with one selectman. Still, nothing has been done. I guess we have to wait for someone of importance in town to have a child involved before something is done. I hate to think of the results. If you have a child who uses the area, warn them to be very careful.

What to do? Ideally, a bike and pedestrian bridge across the LaPlatte – pricey. But there are other things cheaper that can be done if anyone cares about kids on bikes. I will still be watching and pray that I don’t see another four seconds.

John Welsh

 Welsh is a former member of the Shelburne Police Department.


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