First impressions: Kids go behind the scenes at Shelburne PD

Photo by Lisa Scagliotti
Shelburne Community School fifth grade students visit at the Shelburne Police station to hang their poems penned after they visited the department. Students left to right: Addy Smith, Maggie Smith, Anna Dauerman, Maxine Jones, Alex Post and Gwenyth Irwin. In front are Cpl. Jon Marcoux and Lt. Mike Thomas.


Shelburne Poet Laureate Rick Bessette recently visited the Shelburne Police Department with a group of Shelburne Community School fifth graders and their school literary coordinator Jensa Bushy. They met the on-duty officers and dispatchers and got a behind-the-scenes tour. After many questions and answers, the group borrowed an office where they went to work writing poems inspired by the setting and the people they had just met.

They returned the following week to share their pieces and hang them on a bulletin board at the police station. Before pinning them to the board, each student took a turn wearing a police uniform hat while they read their piece out loud for Lt. Mike Thomas and Cpl. Jon Marcoux.

Here are the students’ poems:

Shelburne Police officers are a gift, That’s why they save lives in the present

By Anna Dauerman

“Some infinities, are bigger than other infinities,”

John Green once wrote.

And the infinities of lives our officers

help and save is uncountable. When we first

walked in, we peered into a room of organized

and smiling officers.

I’m taken aback by their kindness and courage

too keep our community, as a whole, happy

and safe. If anyone questions what the

Shelburne Police do,

I’ll be there to tell them that they’re the

atmosphere protecting our earth.

To Protect and to Serve

By Maxine Jones

As I walked into the police station

I felt like one of the police force. The

Job sounds awesome, I wish

There was a police dog to help

Our heroes in uniform to fight crime.

It must be hard to be a police officer but

They will get it done to get it right.

I would like to thank all of our police, fire, rescue

And dispatchers, for their tireless dedication to our community.

Heroes of Shelburne

By Addy Smith

Oh the crimes that you stop

not only in our town but in our hearts,

Oh the family that you’ve made

not only of police man but of heroes,

Working together to make the world a better place and making our smiles

bigger and laughs louder while you’re at it

you opened your arms and let us

into a place where you do your work,

a place that you can call home,

The badges that you earn are so big and beautiful

but deserve them, the

situations you deal with are so heavy

and scary but most of all you solve


You think ahead of the problem

so you can stop it from happening

with your cameras and smart minds.

I can’t tell you how you mean to me

how much you mean to this town you’re heroes

that’s what you are heroes of Shelburne.

(Bravery That Comes From Within)

By Georgia Knight

Busy, bustling everywhere.

So much to do

no time to spare.

Everything’s moving

To get here

and there.

The tall hats

The shiny badges

Your crisp clean uniforms

Your importance matters more

than anything I have seen before

all things are important for community

Together you keep our town safe

Safe from arguments fights and wars

Safe from crimes and so much more

It’s all important everywhere

But the most important thing is the


That comes from within

A way of life

By Alex Post

Putting themselves

their lives

and everything they’ve ever known at risk.

The Green Mountain heroes

The saviors of Shelburne.

Letting us sleep and

also letting wake up.

You stand for the song of America.

Stop don’t jump

Wait don’t shoot.

Cat like reflexes

and fierce as a dragon.

The Police Officer Way

By Maggie Smith

Every person has their job

Getting the person who’s on the run,

Being chief would be really fun,

Of course I got to the one,

Man the day would never be come,

At least I got to be the one.


By Gwenyth Irwin

So many things to do,

How do you,

You are all stars in your own way.

Catch those bad guys,

Get-um good,

Get them so they only do good.

You are everyone’s heroes,

People look up to all of you.

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