Selectboard asks Vermont Railway to talk out of court

By Lisa Scagliotti and Mark Kobzik The Shelburne Selectboard announced on Thursday that it has approached Vermont Railway Inc. to discuss mediation to end their dispute that has been fought in federal court over the past two years. A brief statement to the Shelburne News from Town Manager Joe Colangelo said: “As a result of… Read More »

Selectboard postpones decision on Vermont Railway court appeal

By Mark Kobzik The Shelburne selectboard members did not make a decision in regard to its ongoing legal battle with Vermont Railway Inc. The Tuesday night meeting left some frustrated at the indecision and others hoping the town appeals. Selectboard members exited executive session after approximately an hour of deliberation stating they’re not ready to… Read More »

Groundwater near Vermont Railway sheds tests high for salt

By Mike Polhamus Road salt from Vermont Railway storage sheds in Shelburne has contaminated groundwater to almost five times the state’s enforcement limit, but a representative for the company says the pollution levels are decreasing. A two-day hearing was held last week in federal court over whether Shelburne can essentially ban the salt sheds… Read More »

Shelburne’s fight with Vermont Railway loses steam

The aftermath of last month’s federal District Court decision favoring Vermont Railway Inc. over the Town of Shelburne has been a quiet affair in the town where only a year ago the issue stirred protests and community action. The Selectboard meeting Tuesday evening was the board’s first since the ruling, but not a single community… Read More »

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