Vermont historian Howard Coffin to speak in Shelburne

Submitted by Shelburne Historical Society We all know the big story of the Civil War, the dates, the names of historic battles and famous generals. We have watched Ken Burns’ Civil War documentaries and perhaps memorized the Gettysburg Address. But do we know the history of Vermont and Shelburne and the Civil War? Noted Vermont […]

High-voltage transmission cables to be buried in Lake Champlain

High-voltage transmission cables to be buried in Lake Champlain

By Cameron Kovach, Vermont correspondent Last month, Vermont regulators approved a major power transmission project that could save Vermont electric ratepayers more than $245 million by 2029. The project, known as the New England Clean Power Link, will transmit hydroelectric power sourced in Canada to a converter station in Ludlow, where it will then be […]

Archie’s Grill up and running

Archie’s Grill up and running

By Carol Casey, Shelburne correspondent Much to the delight of the Shelburne community, Archie’s Grill has reopened in a new location under different management. Former patrons will see familiar faces and menu items when they visit, as well as a different décor and new food and beverage choices. Tim Williams of Shelburne and Doug Nedde […]

VT Rail

By Joan Lenes We are lucky to live in a community where neighbors are concerned for one another, our environment, and our business community. We want to be informed and we want to play a role in decision-making. This is not always an easy process or one that turns out the way we hoped or […]

Snowshoe adventures abound at popular nearby hiking destination

Snowshoe adventures abound at popular nearby hiking destination

It’s not all about shopping local and eating local. This winter it’s time to trek and glide local in the lakeshore town of Milton. Just 30 minutes from Burlington, Eagle Mountain Natural Area offers a wide variety of gently-sloping trails, scenic Champlain Valley landscapes, and a spectacular view from one of the highest points on […]

More Josh Dein support

I am so pleased to learn that Josh Dein has stepped forward to run for a three-year term on the Selectboard. I’ve come to know Josh as a neighbor and as a fellow Shelburne Natural Resources and Conservation Committee (SNRCC) member. I’ve seen how his past experience with small town governance while he lived in Wisconsin has given […]

Vermont Rail and public safety

The details of the Vermont Rail System plans have clearly elicited public comment. Of all the potential negatives that this planned development brings to town, the most concerning is related to public safety. I want to make several points which have not been widely discussed to this point. First is that the proposed facility is about […]

Director of the Shelburne School District position

To continue to serve the people of Shelburne, my name will be on the ballot March 1 for another term as a director of the Shelburne school district. My six years on the board have included: serving as Clerk and Vice Chair; representing Shelburne on the CSSU Board; annual budget development for SCS; participation on […]

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