DRB approves four of six Shelburnewood applications

At its meeting on Oct. 15, the Development Review Board (DRB) approved four applications from Commons at Shelburnewood but continued two others. In one application, Shelburnewood requested retroactive approval for placing a mobile home on site 167 as well as for the demolition of the “Thomas Cottage” which was considered a historic site, although “its… Read More »

Planning Commission revises height regulation

At the request of Wake Robin, the Planning Commission preliminarily approved changes in the zoning regulations concerning height restrictions at its meeting on Oct. 9. After discussions among the Shelburne Fire Chief and representatives of Wake Robin, a revised regulation was drafted to allow construction of a new 48 foot tall building containing 39 independent… Read More »

Planning Commission discusses solar array standards

At its Sept. 25 meeting, the Planning Commission conversed via Skype with Rutland Town officials about their recently adopted solar facility siting standards. This interactive discussion was prompted by the proposed installation of a solar array at the Teddy Bear Factory.  Shelburne does not currently have standards on solar facilities and thus would have little… Read More »

Planning Commission reviews form based code changes

The Development Review Board (DRB) and the Planning Commission were scheduled to hold a joint meeting on Sept. 17 to discuss the form based code proposal.  In the absence of a quorum, the DRB meeting was not held, but the Planning Commission continued the meeting on their own with some DRB members in attendance. The… Read More »

Planning Commission discusses “pocket neighborhood” concept

At its meeting on Sept. 11, the Planning Commission focused on the question of amending the zoning regulations to promote “pocket neighborhoods” in the village area. Bill Posey and David Marshall introduced the concept at a previous meeting when they noted that the demand for smaller single family housing is on the rise, particularly in… Read More »

DRB discusses form based zoning proposal

Kate Lalley, Planning Commission Chair, and Dean Pierce, Director of Planning and Zoning, appeared before the Development Review Board (DRB) at their meeting on Sept. 3 to present the latest draft of the form based zoning proposal. Lalley quickly reviewed the early background of the project, its guiding principles, and the key points of the… Read More »

Sparks fly at DRB meeting

At the Development Review Board (DRB) meeting on Aug. 20, former Planning Commission Chair Brian Precourt asked DRB member Bill Stuono to recuse himself due to bias during a discussion of an application concerning a property on Point View Drive in which Precourt has an ownership interest. In making the request, Precourt stated that Stuono… Read More »

DRB considers three applications; approves two

At its meeting on Aug. 6, the Development Review Board (DRB) quickly approved two applications, one by the Heartworks and Renaissance Schools for an infant day care center, and another for a boundary line adjustments for two properties under common ownership at 135 Northside Drive. The Heartworks Schools is a current tenant of the Shelburne… Read More »

Planning Commission reviews proposed Form-Based Zoning document

At a special meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 5, the Planning Commission reviewed the latest draft of the proposed Form-Based Zoning document. Commission Chair Kate Lalley opened the discussion by quoting the original objectives of this exercise: “Whatever direction [zoning] takes, it should ultimately be simple, graphic, objective, easy to use and understand, and produce buildings… Read More »