Hearing on Wetlands Inventory continued

At its meeting on March 26, the Planning Commission re-opened a public hearing on whether to use the Vermont Significant Wetlands Inventory as the sole standard for determining “developable land” on a particular property. Town Planner Dean Pierce presented overlay maps that illustrated the differences among the National Wetlands Inventory, the regional inventory, and the… Read More »

Planning Commission emphasizes stormwater management in Form Based Code discussion

At their Feb. 26 meeting, the Planning Commission reviewed the proposed Sustainable Design and Development Site Performance Standards, paying careful attention to the Stormwater Best Practices section (1.6.4 B 3), drawing largely upon those detailed in the South Burlington Low Impact Development Guidance Manual. They also adopted a standard that “All buildings in the Form-Based… Read More »

Planning Commission turns down request to change zoning in Harborwood Shores

At their meeting on Feb. 12, the Planning Commission heard a request from Maura Wygmans, an architect interested in purchasing five vacant lots in Harborwood Shores with the intent of building two three-bedroom homes. She previously asked for a change in the current zoning regulation that limits development on these lots to a 5 percent… Read More »

DRB votes to reopen hearing on Collette’s U-Haul business

At its meeting on Feb. 4, the Development Review Board (DRB) considered the written request submitted by Andy and Catherine Collette to re-open the hearing on their application for their U-Haul business at 2800 Shelburne Road. In their letter, the Collettes argued that the Wild Rose Circle residents at the original Jan. 7 hearing ‘changed… Read More »

DRB may reopen hearing on U-Haul business

At the Development Review Board (DRB) meeting on Jan. 21, Chair Mark Sammut acknowledged receipt of a letter from Andy Collette asking that the hearing on their U-Haul business be reopened. Because there was no prior notice of this issue, the DRB agreed to consider the request at their next meeting on Feb. 4 so… Read More »

Planning Commission tackles variety of issues

The Planning Commission opened their meeting on Jan. 22 by reviewing the Public Realm Standards of the draft Form Based Code (FBC). They asked the consultants to revise the text to allow more flexibility on streetlight and tree spacing, options for curbs to support better stormwater management, requiring sidewalks in all new development, and other… Read More »

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