DRB nixes U-Haul rental business

At the Jan. 7 of the Development Review Board (DRB), Andy Collette spoke regarding his application for retroactive approval of a U-Haul rental business at 2800 Shelburne Road in conjunction with his furniture store and self-storage unit businesses. Residents of Wild Rose Circle turned out in force to object to the application, primarily on the… Read More »

Harrington House to undergo changes

At its meeting on Dec. 17, the Development Review Board (DRB) approved a final plan amendment application for Harrington House. The approval will allow owner Shawn Sweeney to add one more residential unit and an office in the Carriage Barn, which will serve as the headquarters for Sweeney Designbuild. In addition, parking will be reconfigured… Read More »

Planning Commission recommends raising height limit for new Wake Robin building

The Planning Commission held a public hearing on Dec. 11, soliciting public feedback on a proposed amendment to the Zoning Bylaws which would increase the building height maximum to 48’ in very limited circumstances. The proposal stemmed Wake Robin’s request to erect a new building to complete their residential community plan. The carefully worded amendment… Read More »

Planning Commission moves forward on Form Based Code

At its meeting on Nov. 20, the Planning Commission focused on Section 1-5, Public Realm Standards, in the proposed Form Based Code and reached consensus that stormwater regulations should be mandatory. In fact, Commission Chair Kate Lalley argued forcefully that concerns about stormwater runoff ought to be specifically highlighted throughout the code given the serious… Read More »

Shelburne DRB approves two applications

At its meeting on Nov. 19, the Development Review Board (DRB) approved a two-part design review application regarding Shelburnewood. The first decision involved retroactive approval for demolition of the Thomas Cottage at 82 Shelburnewood Lane. The DRB had considered the matter at its previous meeting when they were informed that the cottage had already been… Read More »