Check is OK for library, but not for ethics panel

The $500,000 gift toward Shelburne’s new library raised an interesting question Tuesday evening. The full donation hinges on raising an equal amount of money from the community — reducing borrowing for the $6.5 million project by $1 million. Voters will decide Nov. 7 whether to approve the project. At Tuesday’s Selectboard meeting, the town got… Read More »

New tasers, cameras for police

Shelburne Police are now sporting 17 body cameras and 17 Tasers as part of a new safety program to provide the latest equipment for the officers while protecting the community. Until recently, Shelburne officers had to share five Tasers and four cameras. The equipment was handed over at the end of a work shift by… Read More »

Kerr steps down from Selectboard

The vice chairman of the Shelburne Selectboard is resigning, and is criticizing a lack of civility within the town government. John Kerr said he will step down Oct. 31 — partway through his two-year term. He retained his seat in March by beating Doris Sage 1,079 to 841. “When I first ran for Selectboard, I expected it… Read More »

Selectboard wrestles with public reactions

The Shelburne Selectboard received a petition Tuesday night signed by 189 residents asking for a special town meeting to reverse a controversial hazardous materials ordinance, but the documents were ruled out of order. Chairman Gary von Stange said the town charter requires any petition to rescind the ordinance be submitted within 30 days of passage. The ordinance, approved 3-2… Read More »

Town official questions hospital preparedness

A Shelburne Selectboard member who is employed by the University of Vermont Health Network says she believes local hospitals “do not have the response capabilities to deal with a mass casualty event.” Dr. Colleen Parker made the comment in a sworn affidavit filed this week by the Shelburne town government in its contentious lawsuit with… Read More »

Latest attempt to delay hazardous materials ordinance rejected

The Shelburne Selectboard rejected the latest calls on behalf of residents and businesses to either delay or revise a controversial newly enacted hazardous materials ordinance. The ordinance was approved, 3-2, on Aug. 8 despite serious objections and questions from some town officials, residents and well-known local businesses, including a few firms that said they might be forced… Read More »

Railway asks federal court to block new ordinance

Vermont Railway Inc. is asking a federal judge in Burlington to block the Shelburne town government from enforcing a new ordinance approved last month for regulating storage, handling and distribution of hazardous substances. “The town hurriedly passed two new municipal ordinances” on Aug. 8 and now wants to effectively prohibit the railroad from storing road… Read More »

Local police help search for impaired drivers

Local police help search for impaired drivers

Police covering Shelburne, Charlotte and Hinesburg say they plan to have officers looking for impaired, distracted and speeding drivers as Vermonters head into the long Labor Day weekend. Shelburne Deputy Police Chief Aaron Noble said drivers impaired from alcohol and drug use are a primary concern. “We are going to be out there.  We will… Read More »

Fire chief takes aim at new ordinance

Shelburne Volunteer Fire Chief Jerry Ouimet said Tuesday that he never endorsed a new ordinance that three Selectboard members rushed to pass two weeks ago concerning the storage, handling and distribution of hazardous materials. Ouimet made the comment as the Selectboard continued to come under fire for its efforts to enact the ordinance. Several residents… Read More »