Career exploration summer camp offered for deaf, hard-of-hearing high school students

Career exploration summer camp offered for deaf, hard-of-hearing high school students

The Explore Your Future (EYF) program at Rochester Institute of Technology’s National Technical Institute for the Deaf in Rochester, N.Y., offers deaf and hard-of-hearing college-bound high school students who will begin their junior or senior year in the fall of 2015 a unique opportunity to experience life on a college campus, explore their interests, and… Read More »

Current camp trends

Camp has been an American tradition for more than 150 years. Some things at camp — forming friendships, having fun, practicing new skills, and summer learning gains — will never change. But what are the camp trends today? Who goes to camp? American Camp Association (ACA) estimates that there are 12,000 traditional, organized camps in… Read More »

The bottom line about camp costs

Parents know that camp is an experience that will last a lifetime. However, they may worry about the cost, especially if there is more than one camp-aged child in the house. The good news for parents is that there is a camp for just about every budget. While fees to attend camp vary, they can… Read More »

The great news about homesickness

By Christopher A. Thurber, Ph.D. That’s right…there’s great news about homesickness. For starters, you should know that: Homesickness (or “missing home”) is normal. In study after study, researchers found that 95 percent of boys and girls who were spending at least two weeks at overnight camp felt some degree of homesickness. Children at day camp… Read More »

Shelburne Craft School releases summer camp information

Shelburne Craft School releases summer camp information

This season, younger children (ages 5-7) can enter the world of music, dance, and dress by making their own instruments, dance moves and costumes, or visit outer space by making spaceships, mobiles and 3-dimensional stars. Juniors (ages 8-10) can “Design It! Build It! Light It Up,” learn sculpture and silk painting to dream about flight,… Read More »

WRP’s Writers’ Barn Summer camps for young writers

Children and young adults are natural storytellers, and summer break is the perfect time for relaxed reading, writing, and storytelling. The Writers’ Barn summer camps will provide a space for creative, imaginative storytelling, and an opportunity for young writers to collaborate with peers. Each morning will include a variety of writing-based activities and writing prompts,… Read More »