In Musing: In the dirt – Dreams of gardening

CAROLE VASTA FOLLEY Once upon a time, I wanted to be a gardener. Tending rows of vegetables bursting off the vine and basking over beds of hydrangea, these were the stuff of dreams back when I thought chlamydia was a plant. I envisioned growing all my own vegetables, spending sunny days in the backyard, plotting… Read More »

Safety Spot: Yes, we are all volunteers

JIM BUELL Some residents are surprised when they find out that their local fire department is staffed by volunteers. It is and has been since its inception in 1941. Currently, we are comprised of 32 men and women ranging in age from 16-70. Some members have put in more than 40 years of service to… Read More »

Help is Here: Bullying is never OK – here’s help

BETH HOLDEN Many kids look forward to the start of a new school year so they can catch up with friends and resume activities. For others, a new school year may trigger worry. Sometimes these feelings can be intense, like anxiety or fear. Bullying may be one reason kids show signs of resisting the start… Read More »

Help is Here: Mental illness cuts across all cultural divides, communities

TUIPATE MUBIAY Talking about mental health is often regarded as a difficult conversation, whether it’s while we’re gathered around the family dinner table or visiting with our friends, colleagues or community members. Our society often views mental health illness as threatening and uncomfortable. As a direct consequence of our attitudes, people who experience mental health… Read More »

Viewpoint: An existential crisis

WILL PATTEN It feels like Vermont is facing an existential crisis. Can our 250 small towns survive a world that is managed by algorithms and spreadsheets? These small communities are the heart and soul of our state. Can we still afford them? I think the answer is an emphatic “Yes” if we have the courage… Read More »

In Musing: Her name is Diana

CAROLE VASTA FOLLEY “In-laws.” Ever notice how terribly close the word is to “outlaw?” Merriam Webster says it was first used in 1894, the same year as “bread-mold” and “hangover.” But alas, the denigration of in-laws seems to center around mothers. Whether Henny Youngman one-liners like, “Just got back from a pleasure trip; I took… Read More »

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