Beware of schemes during tax season

Beware of schemes during tax season

It’s tax season! Every year, around this time, the Internal Revenue Service publishes its dirty dozen – a list of scams criminals use to try and ferret out personal information and/or steal money. For example, if you received an email from a top executive in your company or organization requesting data from IRS form W2… Read More »

Medicare premiums and copayments

Medicare premiums and copayments

More than one half of working Americans know little or nothing about Medicare costs. Not knowing can be expensive. On average, people who haven’t yet retired estimate they’ll spend approximately $50,000 on health care after retirement, according to a 2014 survey. In reality, studies suggest it will cost almost five times that amount – even… Read More »

Online security: avoiding account vulnerability

Online security:  avoiding account vulnerability

How many times did you log in to a digital account today? It probably was more than once. Some people access digital sites via computer or tablet, but many others rely on their phones. Deloitte recently reported the essentials of life have expanded and now encompass air, water, food, and smartphones. No matter what device… Read More »

Retirement income

Retirement income

Here’s a million-dollar question: how will you transform your savings into income that will last throughout your retirement? There are probably as many answers to that question as there are retirees. However, all retirees may rely on some of the same income sources and strategies. For instance, we all hope Social Security benefits will provide… Read More »

The uncovered costs of increased longevity

In the 1970s, a TV episode of “The Odd Couple” taught viewers never to assume. It’s a lesson we appear to have forgotten. Many Americans assume Medicare will provide financial assistance to help with long-term care costs in retirement. In fact, when asked, more than one-third (38 percent) of Americans age 40 and older put… Read More »

Start talking about retirement

If you ask people what creates stress in their lives, money is often at the top of the list. Stress in America: Paying With Our Health found money was a somewhat or a very significant source of stress in the lives of 64 percent of Americans, primarily parents, younger generations, women, and lower-income households. In… Read More »

What’s new in the longevity market?

You may not have heard of the Longevity Market but, if you’re older than 50, you’re one of its 74.9 million members. It may be easiest to think of the Longevity Market as another way of describing the Baby Boom and preceding generations. Regardless of the moniker you apply, it’s a group that gets a… Read More »

Did you buy low after the Brexit vote?

Most investors are familiar with the maxim “buy low and sell high.” The unfortunate reality is that it’s a difficult principle to follow. Buying low often means investing in a company when its shares are priced below full value. There are many reasons a company’s shares may trade below full value. The company may be… Read More »

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