Safety Spot

By Jim Buell, Assistant Chief Shelburne Fire Department As we begin a new year, a lot of us make resolutions and just like the spring, this time of year gets us thinking of things we need to do.   How about making some New Year safety resolutions? Here are some ideas that you may wish to… Read More »

Safety Spot

By Jim Buell, 2nd assistant chief Shelburne Fire Department Safe Holidays! The holiday season is in full swing. The days are short and our calendars are full with all the special occasions that the holiday season brings. Shopping, parties, decorating, concerts to attend, etc. There always seem to be too many things to do and… Read More »

Safety Spot

By Jim Buell, 2nd Asst. Chief Shelburne Fire Department This Thanksgiving holiday, the kitchen is a very active place in our homes. There are a lot of people around, our children (and other adults) all want to help with the preparations for a yummy meal, but safety is also an important part of the day.… Read More »

Safety Spot

by Jim Buell, 2nd Assistant Chief, Shelburne Fire Dept. Fire Prevention Week continues through Oct. 15. This year’s theme deals with replacing your smoke detectors every 10 years. They do have a shelf life and do wear out – remember, they are “on duty” 24/7/365! Take time to keep your family safe and ensure that all… Read More »

Safety Spot

Jim Buell, 2nd Assistant Chief Shelburne Fire Department School’s open As the summer winds down, fall brings many changes and one of those is that school is now back in session. With that, our responsibilities change and as vehicle operators we need to take an extra moment and make sure we are: Watching out for… Read More »

So, how warm is the lake, really?

By Jim Buell, 2nd Assistant Chief, Shelburne Fire Department As temperatures climb and the sun stays out longer during these hot summer days, we often head to the lake to enjoy the water, the beach, the sun and some good, old-fashioned fun. Please keep in mind that in the spring and early summer, lake temperatures… Read More »

Safety Spot: Spring Cleaning

By Jim Buell, Assistant Chief, Shelburne Fire Department It is time to celebrate the arrival of spring. With warm days, lots of sunshine, birds singing and the grass starting to turn green, I would say spring has arrived! Spring brings with it the feeling that we need to clean up from the winter, which also… Read More »

What is safe ice?

Jim Buell, Shelburne Fire Department 2nd assistant chief The fire department just completed our annual ice training. Classroom instruction is followed by actual applications out on the ice. Our training teaches us how to approach a victim who has fallen through the ice and safely extricate them out of the hole and back to shore.… Read More »

When was your chimney cleaned?

By Jim Buell, 2nd Assistant Chief, Shelburne Fire Department In the first five days of 2016, the Shelburne and Charlotte fire departments responded to three chimney fires, two in Charlotte and one in Shelburne, with devastating results in two of those homes. When was your chimney last cleaned? If it has not been cleaned within… Read More »