Planning agenda

Agenda Shelburne Planning Commission Thursday, July 28, 2016 7:00pm Meeting Room 1 Shelburne Municipal Center 5420 Shelburne Road 1. Call to order (7:00 PM) 2. Approval of agenda (7:01, or upon completion of item 1) 3. Disclosures relating to any potential conflicts of interest (7:05 PM or upon completion of item 2) 4. Approval of […]

Planning agenda

AGENDA SHELBURNE PLANNING COMMISSION Thursday, July 14, 6:00pm **Note special start time** Meeting Room 1, Shelburne Municipal Center, 5420 Shelburne Road 1. CALL TO ORDER (6:00pm) 2. ORIENTATION AND TRAINING SESSION RELATING TO ‘ENVISION TOMORROW’ SPREADSHEET (6:01pm) •Staff-led session to build awareness and understanding of development impact tool created for the Town by Crane Associates […]

Planning agenda

AGENDA SHELBURNE PLANNING COMMISSION Thursday, June 23, 7:00pm Meeting Room 1, Shelburne Town Center CALL TO ORDER (7:00pm) DISCLOSURES RELATING TO ANY POTENTIAL CONFLICTS OF INTEREST (7:01pm) APPROVAL OF AGENDA (7:05) APPROVAL OF MINUTES (7:10) June 9, 2016. COMMISSIONER QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS (7:15) OPEN TO THE PUBLIC (7:20) Limited individual comment on subjects not included […]

Planning Commission reviews Village Overlay District Design Guidelines

At its meeting on May 12, the Planning Commission listened to a presentation by consultant Brandy Saxton, whose services were underwritten by a grant obtained by the Historic Preservation and Design Review Commission to update the guidelines first formulated in the early 1990s. The new guidelines provide clear standards, with many illustrations, to define both […]

Planning Commission to convene stormwater summit

Citing stormwater management as a priority issue for Shelburne, the Planning Commission agreed at its meeting on April 28 to convene a stormwater summit in the near future. They plan on inviting the Selectboard, Shelburne Natural Resources Committee members, those associated with the Lewis Creek Association, town officials such as Shelburne Water Quality Superintendent Chris […]

Planning Commission welcomes three new members

Jaime Heins, Chair of the Planning Commission, opened their meeting on April 14 by welcoming three newly appointed members: Jason Grignon, Don Posner, and Peter Antinozzi, the non-voting student member who is currently in his first year at CVU. Heins then went on to appoint three members to the Housing Subcommittee who were in the […]

Thank you from Ron Bouchard

Dear Shelburne residents, It has been a pleasure and an honor to serve the citizens of our town as a member of the Planning Commission for the last seven years. I have been extremely fortunate to serve with such a dedicated group of individuals who I truly believe always had the best interests of the […]

Planning Commission Chair Ronald Bouchard steps down

Planning Commission Chair Ronald Bouchard steps down

Planning Commission Chair Ron Bouchard had previously announced that he would not be seeking reappointment to the Commission after many years of service. In a tribute to Bouchard, newly elected Commission Chair Jaime Heins called him “the epitome of volunteerism” and presented him with a plaque commemorating his service as the end of the Commission’s […]

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