Sunshine Week never needed more than now

It’s Sunshine Week, a national celebration of the citizens’ right to know about their government. In the past, we’ve groused about the hundreds of exemptions in Vermont’s public records law, mysterious firing of coaches, obvious conflicts of interest, and the fact that no one actually enforces state laws on open meetings and public records. That… Read More »

School district mishandled media access to flag-raising

By TOM KEARNEY Vermont Community Newspaper Group South Burlington school officials botched what should have been a notable exercise of free expression — raising a Black Lives Matter flag at South Burlington High School on Feb. 1, in conjunction with Black History Month. It was the ceremony they didn’t want anybody to see, at least… Read More »

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus

Over 120 years ago, an eight-year-old girl named Virginia wrote a letter to the New York Sun newspaper asking if Santa Claus exists. Today, the editorial written in response is one of the most reprinted in the history on American journalism. We take this opportunity to share this iconic editorial with our readers here at… Read More »

Editorial: Like a death in the family

Newsrooms around America have been rattled by last week’s murders of five people at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Md. A man who’s been upset with the newspaper since 2011 used a shotgun to blast through a glass wall and kill four journalists and an advertising assistant. The report is jarring because every newspaper that… Read More »

We need to be able to debate respectfully

We’ve been critical of Gov. Phil Scott’s performance during this legislative session, but he was magnificent last week as he explained why he signed three gun bills into law. First, he explained why a foiled school shooting in Fair Haven shocked him and forced him to rethink his conviction that Vermont was immune to that… Read More »