Viewpoint: Enter when cued – An apology and a rebuttal

Editor’s note: Michael Dabroski directed the Vermont Mozart Festival from 2015 until he resigned from the organization this June when this summer’s concert series was canceled. The festival featured an orchestra of early-career musicians performing a number of concerts in Shelburne, Stowe, Charlotte and Burlington. The future of the nonprofit arts organization is unclear.  MICHAEL… Read More »

Graduates: Don’t follow the crowd

BARBRA MARDEN Editor’s note: Barbra Marden is a Shelburne Community School board member and parent. She was a guest speaker at the school’s 8th grade graduation on June 20. Her presence at the event and her remarks were not included in a story about the graduation in the June 20 issue. Her speech is printed… Read More »

Viewpoint: Pedestrian Safety Group update

JANE ZENATY The Village Pedestrian Safety Group is an ad hoc group of village residents who have been meeting monthly since July of 2016. Our mission is: “To actively work toward the creation of a culture of safe year-round walkability and connectivity in the village core. This includes, but is not limited to, safe paths,… Read More »

Viewpoint: F-35s even worse than we thought

JOE RANDAZZO Early on May 31 we had a preview of what is in store for South Burlington when the F-35s will be permanently based at our airport. Our home is not in the most sensitive area. Although we are near University Mall, the noise level was intolerable. The F-35s are much louder than the… Read More »

Viewpoint: Foster Care Month honors families

MEGHAN FLANDERS Resource coordinator, Vermont Department for Children and Families, Family Services Division, Burlington District Office May is Foster Care Month, a time to celebrate the hundreds of foster and kinship foster families in Vermont who provide safe, nurturing homes for children while they can’t be at home. It is with deep appreciation that the… Read More »

Viewpoint: Embrace neighboring farms

BERNIE GUILLEMETTE Bernie Guillemette is a second generation farmer in Shelburne. My family has farmed our land here in Shelburne for more than 70 years. It’s part of our DNA. And our fields are part of the fabric of the landscape that is beyond beautiful. It’s no wonder it’s a lure for many when they… Read More »

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