It’s time to close the women’s prison

By BILL SCHUBART Editor’s note: This commentary is by Bill Schubart, a regular commentator for Vermont Public Radio who lives in Hinesburg. This piece was first aired on VPR. As the Legislature and the Department of Corrections consider how to repatriate the Vermont prisoners housed in Mississippi, several legislators see the larger picture. We don’t… Read More »

Respect and protect our elders

By Vt. Attorney General T. J. DONOVAN Just as young parents rightly prioritize the health and well-being of our children, at mid-life we also begin thinking more about the health and well-being of our own parents. By 2030, Vermont will be one of the oldest states – if not the oldest state – in the… Read More »

Vermont’s wetlands deserve to be valued

By ROSE PAUL Wetlands are the unsung champions of the natural world – watery, squishy places that fundamentally support our daily lives. February 2 is World Wetlands Day, a time to celebrate these under-appreciated places in our landscape. Vermont is blessed with some of our region’s most important wetlands. The Otter Creek Swamps, the largest wetland complex… Read More »

Solutions to climate change mainly need political will

By ERIC COKER Now that climate change deniers have evolved into climate change effect-deniers (McClaughry: “Climate change debatable,” Dec. 27, 2018, Shelburne News), it is getting easier to point out flaws in their “rational” thought processes. They are using selective skepticism to make the case for keeping the status quo. I’d like to call him… Read More »

Vermonters in recovery could bolster shrinking workforce

By CHUCK HAFTER & RON STANKEVICH Politicians and economists are sounding the alarm over Vermont’s shrinking labor force and how the resulting worker shortage threatens the well-being of our state. At the end of 2017 there were 12,737 fewer Vermonters in the labor force than at the end of 2009. Though Vermont added workers in… Read More »

Climate change: Why I can’t give up

By NOAH TAMAS-PARRIS When I found out about this year’s United Nations climate report, I had a panic attack. I was pinned against the size of the world I lived in, shaking in the fear of my own smallness; little, little me against 7.6 billion people. I saw the 12 (now less than 12) years… Read More »