Op-Ed — Town manager announces pick for Shelburne’s next police chief

I am pleased to announce that Aaron Noble has accepted the job of police chief for the town of Shelburne. Aaron’s new professional adventure starts today, Feb. 1. Chief Noble has worked for Shelburne’s Police Department for more than 25 years. In 1995, he was promoted to corporal. In July, he assumed the role of… Read More »

Farmers, money, cows and water quality

By Sen. Christopher Pearson For years farmers have been punished by low milk prices. That hurts everyone because farmers are central to Vermont’s economy and our way of life. We need local food. We need our lands in production. In other words, we need farmers to earn a fair price for milk. It’s also essential… Read More »

Op-Ed — Legislature has opportunity to help Vermont workers next session

By Sen. Debbie Ingram Today, too many Vermonters work hard and still can’t adequately support their families. During this upcoming legislative session, state leaders have the opportunity to enact two measures that will improve the lives of working people, their families, and our communities. The first measure is to gradually raise the minimum wage from… Read More »

Forming an informed opinion about the salt sheds

Op-Ed By Chris Boyd There have been many impassioned messages posted on social media and published in the Shelburne News since the decision by U.S. District Court Judge William K. Sessions in the case of the town of Shelburne and Vermont Railway over the railroad’s intermodal salt facility and the town’s new ordinance aimed to… Read More »

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