Vermont’s 16-day rifle deer season starts this Saturday

Vermont’s 16-day rifle deer season begins this Saturday, Nov. 10, and ends Sunday, Nov. 25, and wildlife officials say they expect hunters’ chances to be good. “There are more deer in Vermont than there have been in recent years, with the greatest numbers of deer found in the southwestern and northwestern regions of the state,”… Read More »

Vermont Wildlife Coalition releases review of wildlife legislation

The Vermont Wildlife Coalition published its first Review of Legislative Action on Wildlife, which reports on wildlife-related bills that appeared before the Vermont legislature this year. In addition to summarizing the bills, the report describes committee and legislative actions on them and provides status updates and legislator voting records. The review also includes summaries of… Read More »

Wildlife biologist Steve Parren honored with environmental award

Wildlife biologist Steve Parren honored with environmental award

STAFF REPORT  Longtime Vermont Fish and Wildlife Biologist Steve Parren of Hinesburg was honored recently with the GMP-Zetterstrom Environmental Award. Parren received the award at a presentation with officials from Green Mountain Power and state government at Sand Bar Wildlife Management Area in Milton. He was recognized for his dedicated work on behalf of Vermont… Read More »

Destructive emerald ash borer found in Grand Isle County

STAFF REPORT The U.S. Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has confirmed that insects collected from ash trees in South Hero are larvae of the emerald ash borer, Vermont state officials announced this month. The location is about 50 miles from the closest confirmed emerald ash borer infestation in Vermont. First discovered… Read More »

Boxelders’ namesake bugs like to spend winter indoors

Boxelders’ namesake bugs like to spend winter indoors

By JOE RANKIN Comedian Rodney Dangerfield’s shtick was the phrase “I don’t get no respect,” always followed by one of his great self-deprecatory one-liners. If Rodney Dangerfield were a tree, he might be Acer negundo – the boxelder, which also gets no respect. When boxelder isn’t being ignored, it’s being disparaged, dismissed, or damned with… Read More »

Keep deer healthy: use only synthetic deer lure

Hunters, take note: deer lure containing deer urine or other deer bodily fluids is banned by the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department. This type of lure could contain a mutant protein that can be passed through urine, which is the infectious agent of chronic wasting disease. The disease is 100 percent fatal for infected animals… Read More »

LaPlatte area hours changed for hunters

Sections of the LaPlatte River Marsh Natural Area in Shelburne will be closed to the general public and open only to hunters during hunting season this year. The property is overpopulated with deer, and The Nature Conservancy, which owns the land, is hoping that allowing hunters into area will help manage the deer population. The… Read More »

Beware of blue-green algae; poses threat to dogs

Waterfowl hunters with retrieving dogs during Vermont’s waterfowl hunting seasons should check for cyanobacteria (also known as blue-green algae) blooms before allowing their dogs in the water, according to the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources. Cyanobacteria can produce toxins that can be fatal to dogs. Hunters heading out early in the morning are advised to check… Read More »