Summer in full bloom

Summer in full bloom

Sunflowers fill the field at Maple Hill Farm along Thomas Road and Spear Street in Shelburne. A friendly sign invites passersby to pick some to take home. Don’t forget the on-your-honor-box: $1 per stem.

Protect family, pets from algae danger

STAFF REPORT With summer swimming season in high gear, Vermont health officials want the public to know how to identify and avoid a cyanobacteria bloom, and what to do if people or pets come in contact with one. The tiny microorganisms more commonly known as blue-green algae can harm humans and animals and in large… Read More »

Mallard breeding behavior may create a whole new kind of duck

By Meghan McCarthy McPhaul Robert McCloskey’s “Make way for Ducklings” is one of my favorite childhood books. I loved the way Mr. and Mrs. Mallard interacted, their seemingly endless search for the perfect nesting place, the description of classic Boston neighborhoods, and the whimsical names of their eight ducklings. Not until I started reading the… Read More »

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