Form-based code hearing continued to Oct. 8

By Carol Casey The Planning Commission continued their review of comments submitted on the proposed form-based code zoning option for the Shelburne Road corridor north of the LaPlatte bridge Sept. 24. They considered suggestions made by Lee Krohn of the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission and by Don Rendall, a member of the Shelburne Natural […]

Form Based Code public hearing tonight

The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on proposed changes to the zoning bylaws that would create an opt-in Form Based Zoning Overlay District. They have completed their review of the draft Form Based Code Overlay District for the area from the LaPlatte River Bridge north along Shelburne Road to the town line. The […]

Planning Commission edits Form Based Code proposal

At its meeting on June 25, the Planning Commission devoted some three hours to making careful edits to the Form Based Code proposal designed to clarify definitions and fine tune some provisions. Commissioner Ann Hogan and Town Planner Dean Pierce had prepared a 40 page document outlining potential problem areas which the commission used as […]

Form Based Code review

The Planning Commission reviewed the penultimate version of the Form Based Code at its meeting on June 11. Commission Chair asked each member to review carefully the latest draft, version 4.1 which is available on the town’s website, and be prepared to make their final recommendations for changes at their next meeting on June 25. […]

Planning Commission adopts two zoning changes

At its meeting on May 28, the Planning Commission adopted two changes in the zoning regulations that will be considered by the Selectboard. The first established the Vermont Significant Wetlands Inventory as the definitive standard for determining “developable land, replacing the present language that cites “the National Wetlands Inventory or the most recent regional wetlands […]

Hearing on Wetlands Inventory continued

At its meeting on March 26, the Planning Commission re-opened a public hearing on whether to use the Vermont Significant Wetlands Inventory as the sole standard for determining “developable land” on a particular property. Town Planner Dean Pierce presented overlay maps that illustrated the differences among the National Wetlands Inventory, the regional inventory, and the […]

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