Thank you SCHIP’s — Eliot Sloan

On behalf of the families, students, and teachers of Shelburne Nursery School, I would like to extend our sincere gratitude to SCHIPs for their continued support of our school through their grant program. The grant money will be used to offset our actual costs associated with providing high-quality preschool education for students in our community,… Read More »

Both teams should be proud — Drew Buley

In the article “Boys Lose State Final in OT Heartbreaker” (March 15) I found that it was really cool that a team that had never won the state final was going up against a team that had not won it in 50 years. Both teams should be proud about that, but it’s unfortunate that only one team could… Read More »

Thank you from Diana Vachon — Diana Vachon

Dear friends and fellow residents, Thank you to everyone who supported me during the Town Meeting election. I sincerely appreciate your votes and electing me to be Shelburne’s town clerk. I am so grateful and happy to be continuing in this position. Thank you to all the election officials who came out to work the… Read More »

Thank you from John Kerr — John Kerr

Dear Shelburne residents, I would like to thank all those that came out to vote on March 7, 2017. I am honored to be re-elected to serve for two more years on the Selectboard and will live up to my commitment of keeping Shelburne first in our decision-making. I would especially like to thank Doris… Read More »

Shelburne Now

Of course everyone is entitled to an opinion, but fanning the fire of divisiveness will have significant repercussions for Shelburne long after the March 7th election. The salt sheds have been a lightning rod for much dispute and partisan politics. Both sides believe passionately in their position. The electorate has empowered our Town’s Selectboard to… Read More »

Reasons to vote for Diana Vachon for Town Clerk

My thoughts: From all indications, Dorilee Gaudette Leblanc is a bright, energetic, articulate candidate. She certainly shows skills as a campaigner – more so in some respects than Diana, from what I have observed. Alternatively, I found myself uneasy at the candidate forum with Dorilee’s emphasis on Colleen Haag’s encouraging her to run for the… Read More »

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