Student project fundraises for Hurricane Irma relief — Olivia Brand, 8th grade

On the second weekend of September, Hurricane Irma hit Florida full-force. With 185-mile-per-hour winds, houses were torn completely off their foundations. The people of Florida need help. Now that the storm has passed, so many people have no home to go to. At school we are doing a Personal Interest Project. Basically, you choose something… Read More »

‘Wanton waste’ killing vs. safeguarding wildlife — Brenna Galdenzi

UVM’s Center for Rural Studies included the following question in their 2017 Vermonter Poll: “Vermont wildlife policies allow certain species, including coyotes, crows, porcupines, skunks and weasels to be killed without limit even when there is no intent to consume or use the remains. This is called ‘wanton waste’ killing. Should Vermont wildlife policies prohibit… Read More »

Big thanks to Colangelo — Sally Wadhams

I really appreciate the expertise, time, and positive energy Joe Colangelo brings to his position as Town Manager. Thank you, Joe! I join zillions of other Shelburne residents who believe you’re doing an excellent job in a very challenging position. I’m also deeply grateful to live in a town full of citizens volunteering their time:… Read More »

Shelburne Players say farewell

Shelburne Players say farewell

The Shelburne Players are preparing to say goodbye to two of their long-term board members. Barbara and Dan Cimaglio have plans to return to their hometown of Chicago, where their daughter and granddaughter live. Both have given so much to the Players over the years: Barbara with her organizational skills and Dan with his carpentry skills.… Read More »

Questioning the need for new town ordinances — Dave Allan

On Aug. 8, the Shelburne Board of Selectmen passed an ordinance regulating the storage of hazardous substances, in spite of the fact that numerous state and federal agencies currently do so. Why burden the Shelburne taxpayers with the high cost of yet another layer of bureaucracy? Quite possibility to go after Vermont Railway once again.… Read More »