Shelburne Now

Of course everyone is entitled to an opinion, but fanning the fire of divisiveness will have significant repercussions for Shelburne long after the March 7th election. The salt sheds have been a lightning rod for much dispute and partisan politics. Both sides believe passionately in their position. The electorate has empowered our Town’s Selectboard to… Read More »

Reasons to vote for Diana Vachon for Town Clerk

My thoughts: From all indications, Dorilee Gaudette Leblanc is a bright, energetic, articulate candidate. She certainly shows skills as a campaigner – more so in some respects than Diana, from what I have observed. Alternatively, I found myself uneasy at the candidate forum with Dorilee’s emphasis on Colleen Haag’s encouraging her to run for the… Read More »

Support for Parker and Kerr — Liston L. Freeman

I am writing to express my support for incumbents Colleen Parker and John Kerr for the three- and two-term Shelburne Selectboard seats. Colleen and John are hard-working, critical thinkers who know the town and the issues facing us as neighbors, businesspeople, homeowners, parents, and elders. Our town has been through a lot recently, and Colleen… Read More »

Parker and Kerr for Selectboard — Tom Nold

I appreciate all of the candidates who have stepped up to volunteer their time for the benefit of us all. On Tuesday I will be voting for Colleen Parker and John Kerr for Selectboard. They are part of a very hardworking Selectboard that has been fighting to keep the railroad from disturbing our peace and potentially… Read More »

Endorsing Doris Sage — Dorothy Sawyer

I am writing in support of Doris Sage as a candidate for a two-year term on the Shelburne Selectboard. Doris will bring an independent, informed and carefully considered voice to the position. She has lived and worked and been a community advocate in Shelburne for well over 30 years. As a parent, teacher, business owner… Read More »