Doris Sage for Selectboard — Joan Lenes

I have known Doris Sage since our 30-year-old children were in grade school. Doris is a person with conviction and passion. When she sees injustice, she gets involved no matter if the issue is big or small, personal or for the greater good. Doris listens, tries to understand all points of view, and makes thoughtful… Read More »

Selectboard transparency — Vinny DeToma

The recent “Reader’s Write” section of the Shelburne News, which has had several letters about a Selectboard member’s removal after being voted in by the Shelburne residents, has been alarming. However, I can sympathize with his situation. While I do not know anything about the why and what he did that was so egregious, from… Read More »

In support of Josh Dein — Sally Conrad

After reading “Selectboard moves to remove Josh Dein from board,” in the Shelburne News Jan. 26 issue, I was quite astonished. As a Shelburne voter, it seems to me that Josh Dein should be given an opportunity to publicly air his point of view on the laundry list of accusation leveled against him in this… Read More »

Response to Ron Bouchard’s post on — Marna Ehrech, Shelburne

Thank you, Ron, for a well-thought-out response. Running a board is an endless job, and often a thankless task. Folks aren’t taking into account that until Josh Dein’s placement on the board, the Shelburne Selectboard ran smoothly, with the most harmony and effectiveness that it had ever experienced. Having been a trustee on a national… Read More »

Thank you to the town from Martindale area residents — Karen Johanson, Al Marlow, and Ron Beales

This is a letter to the Shelburne Selectboard, Town Manager Joe Colangelo, and staff, and fellow Martindale area residents. Regarding the recent vote on Jan. 24 in support of the amendment to limit parking on Martindale Road: We wish to acknowledge the time and consideration given to this proposal by all concerned. The approval of… Read More »

Former Selectboard members urge current board to do the right thing — Tim Pudvar, Bill Smith, Chris A Boyd, Toni Supple, Bob Roesler, and Jim Talley

Last week, three members of our Town’s Selectboard voted to investigate the removal of Josh Dein from his seat on the Selectboard, one which 2,315 townspeople elected him to fill. As former Selectboard members, we are appalled that a decision of such magnitude was made without the full board present (Jerry Storey was absent due… Read More »

An open letter to Mr. Wulfson — Lisa Winkler

An open letter to Mr. Wulfson, owner of Vermont Rail System: I am curious why you continue to fight with all your considerable might Vermont’s Act 250 and Shelburne’s local zoning laws for the industrial trucking and rail facility you and Barrett Trucking are building in Shelburne. If what Vermont Rail does is as benign… Read More »