Vote for Selectboard change — Tim and Kathie Pudvar

Please join us in voting for a fresh change to the current landscape of our Selectboard. There are numerous examples throughout this past year that call for new ideas and a more collegial environment. This needed change will not only help the board function more effectively but will instill confidence in the taxpayers, businesses, and… Read More »

Support Colleen Parker for Selectboard — Dave Connery

I encourage my fellow Shelburne residents to support Colleen Parker for re-election to the Selectboard. Through her current term, Colleen has brought perspective and analysis to her Selectboard work. As our town continues to encounter development, planning, wastewater, and other complex topics, Colleen has challenged fellow Selectboard members and not just voted in bloc. For… Read More »

Support for John Kerr — Nancy Kerr

My husband John Kerr is running for reelection of the Shelburne Selectboard. I’d like to share with you a little about John and my own observations about his Selectboard work. Over the past several years John has repeatedly expressed interest in serving on the Selectboard. As our children ventured off to college John decided he… Read More »

Support for Diana Vachon as Town Clerk — Kay Boyce

I strongly support Diana Vachon for Town Clerk of Shelburne. She began her service as Town Clerk in Oct. 2016 after the Selectboard appointed her following a competitive interview process that included a number of highly qualified candidates. She succeeded Colleen Haag, who served for 35 years in this position, and who guided Diana through… Read More »

Support for Colleen Parker for Selectboard — Kate Lalley

I am voting to re-elect Colleen Parker to the Selectboard for the three-year seat. Colleen’s responses to audience questions at the Candidate’s Forum demonstrate why she is the most qualified candidate for this position. She is dedicated, keenly understands the town’s financial position and budget, and brings focus and considerable skill to the job of… Read More »

Supporting Dorilee — Andrew Melvin

As someone who has known Dorilee for over twenty years, I can assure you she is not just a “wonderful and energetic human being.” Why is that something that every person who refers her for the role of town clerk mentions (in addition to many other qualities and experiences)? I think it’s because the Town… Read More »