Vote for Don Stevens and Doris Sage — Judy Raven

The many residents who have expressed concerns about the dysfunctional state of our Selectboard can be thankful that two qualified residents have stepped up to challenge incumbents and are willing to serve, pledging to act with respect, reason, positive energy, and clear communication. Don Stevens and Doris Sage will have my vote and I encourage you to take this opportunity… Read More »

Support for Colleen Parker — Meagan Downey

I’m writing to declare my support for Colleen Parker’s re-election to the Selectboard for a second three-year term. Clearly, her experience as a physician who must maintain objectivity and composure in the midst of high emotions has served her well on the Selectboard, and I hope that we will continue to benefit from her level-headed… Read More »

Thank you from Doris Sage — Doris Sage

Democracy: 1. People considered as the common source of political power. 2. A system of government for the people, by the people. Our founding fathers knew what they were doing when they set up the tenets of Democracy, and the evening of the Candidate’s Forum, it was emotional to recognize the many that came to… Read More »

D O R I L E E — Linda Lavalette

Voters – We have the opportunity to get the same qualities in our TOWN CLERK that we have cherished, appreciated and benefited from for the last 30 years – for the NEXT 30 years – IF we vote for: D edicated O rganized R esponsible I ntelligent L ocal E ducated E nergized How lovely!… Read More »

Doris Sage for Selectboard — Bruce Nunziata

After speaking with Doris about the various issues in the community it became apparent to me that she is dedicated to the people of Shelburne in the most unselfish and caring way. In fact, I would even say that Doris is one of the most humble and compassionate people that I know in Shelburne. I… Read More »

Support for Don Stevens — Kate Webb

I got to know Don in 2011 when Abenaki were seeking state recognition. This was an extremely emotional time and people around the state were upset; tempers were flying and some were ready to simply give up. Not so with Don Stevens, chief of the Nulhagen Band of the Abenaki. Throughout the chaos and upset,… Read More »