Keep editorials local, please — George Schiavone

Disappointed to see the editorial by the “paper’s management” in the Oct 12th issue. Not for its content but for the potential introduction of changing our local paper into a to and fro of the national issues which are relentlessly filling up the media. Let’s keep it local. George Schiavone Shelburne

On dog parks and railroads— John King

Breaking News The town is moving the dog park. Though it was legally compliant in its fencing only format, enhancements made over time now make the dog park an illegal use of a Class 2 wetland. The move of a simple, functional and loved dog park is being forced by federal regulations. Rather than fight… Read More »

Hazmat ordinance has detrimental effect — Robert Finn

Like most Shelburne residents, I have been following the proceedings of the town against Vermont Railway, wondering when it will end. The recently enacted hazardous materials ordinance prolongs the contest and exacerbates legal fee expenditures. And, while all property taxpayers are painfully aware of the legal fees, another concern has been raised thanks to an… Read More »

Hurricane donation thanks — Olivia Brand

After Saturday’s full day of fundraising and hearing many stories of people’s family members being in Florida, I am happy to say that so far we have raised a ton of money! Thank you all so much for your donations towards the American Red Cross Hurricane Relief! I am so grateful for everyone’s generosity. If you’re… Read More »

Thank you to the Rose Man — Lisa Charlebois

“More flowers?! Where do they come from, Mama?” my 7-year-old son asks me. I smile, looking at the colorful bouquet of roses on our office counter. During the summer months, a fresh bunch of roses is delivered in a sap bucket to our doorstep or the front desk. In August, a basket of delicious peaches… Read More »

Support for hazmat ordinance — Adeline and Pierre Simenon

We are writing in support of the hazardous material ordinance adopted by the town of Shelburne. We support this measure adopted in furtherance of controlling the storage of hazardous materials and ensuring that storage is within safer distance of schools and waterways. Federal regulation of hazardous materials is limited. Many states and towns take further… Read More »

Student project fundraises for Hurricane Irma relief — Olivia Brand, 8th grade

On the second weekend of September, Hurricane Irma hit Florida full-force. With 185-mile-per-hour winds, houses were torn completely off their foundations. The people of Florida need help. Now that the storm has passed, so many people have no home to go to. At school we are doing a Personal Interest Project. Basically, you choose something… Read More »

‘Wanton waste’ killing vs. safeguarding wildlife — Brenna Galdenzi

UVM’s Center for Rural Studies included the following question in their 2017 Vermonter Poll: “Vermont wildlife policies allow certain species, including coyotes, crows, porcupines, skunks and weasels to be killed without limit even when there is no intent to consume or use the remains. This is called ‘wanton waste’ killing. Should Vermont wildlife policies prohibit… Read More »