A vote for Doris Sage — Mary Ellen Lynch

Doris Sage is a longtime resident of Shelburne and I have known her since our now-adult children were in kindergarten together. I’ve always been impressed with Doris’s energy and her caring manner. She is thoughtful in her decision-making and is open to considering all sides of an issue. I am so glad that Doris is… Read More »

Donald Stevens for Selectboard — Bruce Nunziata

I support and recommend Donald Stevens for the Shelburne Selectboard. Don certainly has the experience and intelligence to deal with any new or ongoing issue facing the Selectboard. More importantly, he has the desire to work cooperatively and build consensus with other members when making important town decisions. I trust that he will listen to… Read More »

Support for Doris Sage — Jim White

I want to express my strong support for Doris Sage, who is a candidate for the Shelburne Selectboard. My endorsement is based on my experience of working with Doris over the better part of the last year on traffic and pedestrian issues in Shelburne and on knowing her as a neighbor. Over many meetings and… Read More »

Lenes supports Don Stevens — Joan Lenes

I ask you to join me in voting for Don Stevens for the three-year Selectboard position on March 7. Diplomatic and respectful are two words that come to mind when I think of Chief Don Stevens. I have known Don for about ten years and have seen him discuss difficult topics with friends and foes.… Read More »

Focus on the facts — Roger Preis

I was very disappointed by the last Selectboard meeting given the cries from the community for greater civility on the board.  There are major issues being personalized and politicized which will forever change the face of Shelburne. I was most concerned that unless the full board agrees otherwise, only one Board member should interact directly… Read More »

Doris Sage for Selectboard — Joan Lenes

I have known Doris Sage since our 30-year-old children were in grade school. Doris is a person with conviction and passion. When she sees injustice, she gets involved no matter if the issue is big or small, personal or for the greater good. Doris listens, tries to understand all points of view, and makes thoughtful… Read More »

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