report from montpelier

report from montpelier

By Rep. Joan Lenes I am writing this on the evening the legislature voted to elect the governor. This may seem like old news as you read it one week later when it comes out in the Shelburne News. Regardless, I wanted to let you know how I voted and why. I cast my ballot […]

Report from Montpelier: June 5, 2014

Investments in Vermont environment and infrastructure In Rep. Kate Webb and Joan Lenes’ last column for the season, they have highlighted a few pieces of legislation passed this year that protect Vermont’s environment and infrastructure. Capital Investments in our State: The capital bill includes the culmination of a six-year effort to provide a strategy and […]

Report from Montpelier: May 29, 2014

Education update Shelburne Representatives Joan Lenes and Kate Webb highlight education in this second article in a three-part series. Next week: environment and infrastructure Important conversations began this year addressing the future and underlying costs of education and school governance. By the end of the session, we simply ran out of time to complete this […]

Report from Montpelier: May 22, 2014

In a two-part series, Shelburne Representatives Joan Lenes and Kate Webb will highlight a number of issues that passed out of the legislature this year. This week: health concern. Next week: education. Vermont and the Affordable Care Act: Vermont had a very difficult rollout of our health care exchange, as did many other states. Legislative […]

Report from Montpelier: May 15, 2014

By Rep. Kate Webb When I entered the legislature in 2009, the Great Recession dominated our work. Two years later, Tropical Storm Irene and the spring floods took center stage. This biennium, we experienced the slow crawl out from the Great Recession and opened fertile and often emotional conversations about moving forward with less money […]

Report from Montpelier: May 8, 2014

By Rep. Joan Lenes I expect this will be the last week of this legislative session. Tuesday, May 13 will be the final Tuesday morning at Bruegger’s Bagels for this year. Please join us at 7:30am. I am always available either in or out of session at or by phone at 999-9363. As a […]

Report from Montpelier: May 1, 2014

By Rep. Kate Webb A few people have expressed frustration regarding my votes on bills and are seeking explanations why I voted the way I did. One letter wondered why I would vote against an amendment that would have required the governor to present a financing plan for Green Mountain Care by April 30, 2014. […]