report from montpelier

Rep. Kate Webb The 2015-16 legislative session ended shortly after midnight Saturday morning. A flurry of activity occurred Thursday and Friday, and Representative Lenes and I will compile an end-of-session report to address some of those results in the coming weeks. The final wrangling was not so much between political parties as it was between… Read More »

Congressional update

By Joan Lenes The finish line is in sight. I expect to see a few twists and turns before we arrive at the end of the 2016 Legislative Session. It is the nature of business at this time of the year. I do my best to stay focused, stay on top of the moving pieces,… Read More »

Report from Montpelier

By Rep. Joan Lenes As I write this article, I am sure what is accurate today will have a different look on Thursday when the Shelburne News comes out. It is that time of the legislative session when things are moving and changing. Remember, it is only the money bills that must pass before adjournment.… Read More »


by Rep. Kate Webb As we enter the last weeks of the session, several issues face an uncertain outcome. By the end of the session, all we are really required to pass are balanced budgets for the general fund, education and transportation. The rest is optional. Anything that does not make it through dies, as… Read More »

Focus on the telecommunications bill

By Rep. Joan Lenes Topics, issues, and perspectives ebb and flow as needs and information change. In past legislative sessions, I have written about telecommunications, telecom locations, and the degree of input from municipalities. We made some headway in the past with having municipalities be able to participate more fully in the process. As size… Read More »

Report from Montpelier

Report from Montpelier

by Rep. Joan Lenes The work of the legislature has a certain rhythm, but there are moments that stand out. Friday was one such day. We had Adjutant General Cray, Michael Dubie, our former Adjutant General and other members of the Vermont National Guard in the State House. They were not the ones in the… Read More »

Reforming driving laws

by Rep. Kate Webb Vermont is a driving state. Our development patterns and limited public transportation require most of us to have access to a vehicle to get to work, buy groceries and participate in community life. Loss of a license can become a huge economic barrier; yet dangerous drivers are costly to our communities… Read More »

Crossover season begins

By Rep. Joan Lenes The word crossover has been buzzing in every committee room and hallway in the state house this past week. Crossover is when we are about half way through the legislative session. One wants to make sure any bills they want to see progress through the legislative process have been heard in… Read More »

Report from Montpelier

Dear friends and neighbors, While the challenges are enormous, so are the opportunities. The legislature is working hard to make sure that Vermont delivers services essential to our lives in ever more accountable and efficient ways. As your representatives, our job is to make decisions that are informed, balanced and thoughtful. This is difficult but… Read More »