Report from Montpelier

Dear Friends and Neighbors – While the challenges are enormous, so are the opportunities. The legislature is working hard to make sure that Vermont delivers services essential to our lives in ever more accountable and efficient ways. As your representatives, our job is to make decisions that are informed, balanced and thoughtful. This is difficult… Read More »

Of Elephants and Salt Sheds

By Representative Kate Webb Representative Lenes and I receive requests from our community regarding personal, local, and state as well as global issues. With 14 committees in the House and 11 in the Senate, the legislature is well designed to hear concerns, from large to small, and from personal to far-reaching issues important to Vermont… Read More »

Report from Montpelier

Report from Montpelier

By Rep. Joan Lenes The House will have the earned sick leave bill, H.187, before us this week. Last year it passed the House and was sent to the Senate. The following outline is as passed by the Senate. This week our House Committee on General and Military Affairs will consider further amendments to the… Read More »

Report from Montpelier

by Rep. Kate Webb Members of our community write to me frequently to express opinions, highlight concerns or ask questions related to upcoming legislation and issues of interest. A few themes that have come forward are 1) legislative involvement regarding the salt shed transfer station; 2) provider tax for dentists and independent doctors; 3) marijuana… Read More »

VT Rail

By Joan Lenes We are lucky to live in a community where neighbors are concerned for one another, our environment, and our business community. We want to be informed and we want to play a role in decision-making. This is not always an easy process or one that turns out the way we hoped or… Read More »

Report from Montpelier

By Joan Lenes The governor will deliver his budget this week. The executive branch develops this budget with input and design from all the secretaries and commissioners of each department. It is then our job to examine it, take testimony, and develop our version of the budget based on what we know, learn, and believe… Read More »

Education funding and the Act 46 thresholds

By Rep. Kate Webb Act 46, passed last spring, made amendments to education funding, spending and governance. After initial shock and confusion, districts around the state began having substantive, informed and serious conversations on how we educate our children with scarce dollars. As with most new laws, unintended consequences emerge and the legislature must grapple… Read More »

New beginnings

By Joan Lenes The 2016 Legislative session has begun. It is always an exciting time for me knowing we have about 18 weeks ahead of us as we work on behalf of all Vermonters. What will come up, what can we accomplish, what will I be extremely proud of and what will cause me disappointment… Read More »

report from montpelier

By Representatives Joan Lenes and Kate Webb For our final end-of-session article, we offer a short list of some of the environmental issues addressed this year: Solar Siting: Following requests from municipalities including Shelburne, the Legislature gave communities greater say in the siting of ground-mounted solar projects. Municipalities and planning commissions will have automatic party… Read More »