Create container gardens for every occasion

Create container gardens for every occasion

Make every occasion special by designing and growing containers for summer holidays, weddings, anniversary parties or other special celebrations. Pick a color scheme appropriate for the occasion or a variety of colors and shapes sure to add a festive touch. Look for opportunities to include edible and flower filled planters. Set containers at your front… Read More »

Self-contained: Steel shipping crates become modern home

Self-contained: Steel shipping crates become modern home

TOMMY GARDNER Stowe Reporter Sean Gyllenborg’s and Pam Cushman’s newest edifice is about the size of a small mobile home, and the main components in its construction are so mobile, they’ve come from halfway around the world. There’s nothing pre-fab about this home in Morristown, however. Well, maybe the fab part. The house is made… Read More »

MENTOR Vermont hosts symposium

MENTOR Vermont will convene the 2019 Vermont Mentoring Symposium at the Waterbury State Office Complex Thursday, May 23, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. This daylong conference is the only professional development and networking opportunity of its kind focused on youth mentoring in Vermont and will bring together more than 50 youth mentoring program staff, board… Read More »

Consider growing the mighty sweet potato in Vermont

Consider growing the mighty sweet potato in Vermont

JEAN PARKER UVM Extension Have you ever considered growing sweet potatoes (Ipomoea batatas)? Or have you always heard that they can’t be grown in Vermont, so have never planted any in your garden? I tried to grow them a few years ago when someone gave me several sweet potato slips. Without any knowledge, I planted… Read More »

Parks & Rec News

Ukulele lessons Instructor Clare Innes will help you to make chords, strum smoothly and gain confidence in playing along with others. Bring a ukulele, an electronic clip-on tuner, and an adventurous spirit. For those with left-hand, baritone, or low-G ukuleles, the ability to translate chords yourself is needed. Participants must be 18 years or older.… Read More »

News from Pierson Library

Library building news At the site, we are rapidly moving towards the target opening date of late summer. The open floor plan of the new library provides flexibility in space use and clear sight lines, important for patron safety and keeping our staffing numbers to a minimum. Although there are only a few walls inside… Read More »

Shelburne Memorial Day Ceremony

The annual Shelburne Memorial Day Ceremony will be held Monday, May 27, at 10:30 a.m. at the Shelburne Veterans’ Monument. Music for the event will be provided by the Shelburne Community School Wind Ensemble. Colonel Carroll A. “Bud” Ockert, U.S. Army, Ret., will be the guest speaker. The ceremony will be held at the monument… Read More »

Safety Spot: The wrong side of the tracks

JIM BUELL On a daily basis, we see cars straddling the railroad tracks on Harbor Road. This is really unsafe and you will not be able to react quickly enough to get yourself or others out of your car if a train does approach. Don’t try and get your car off the tracks – get… Read More »

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