We need to be able to debate respectfully

We’ve been critical of Gov. Phil Scott’s performance during this legislative session, but he was magnificent last week as he explained why he signed three gun bills into law. First, he explained why a foiled school shooting in Fair Haven shocked him and forced him to rethink his conviction that Vermont was immune to that… Read More »

Op-Ed: Taking a stand can take courage

by State Rep. Jessica Brumsted Last week, I was incredibly humbled and proud to watch Gov. Scott follow through on his promise to sign three important gun safety bills, S.221, H.422 and S.55.These bills expand law enforcement’s ability to seize guns when responding to domestic violence and other “extreme risk” situations; they raise the age… Read More »

Op-Ed: Striking a balance between freedoms and a need for safety

by State Rep. Kate Webb Last week, Vermont witnessed the signing of three historic bills related to firearm safety. One bill provides extreme risk protection orders to reduce gun-related murder or suicide. A second gives added protection to victims of domestic violence. The third and most controversial increases gun safety provisions related to background checks,… Read More »

School board tackles questions on proficiency-based learning

Dear Champlain Valley School District Community, In this letter, we want to explain Vermont’s Act 77, a far-reaching legislation that mandates that we put student learning at the center of curriculum, instruction and assessment. At CVSD, we are in full implementation of Act 77, and are finding that it holds great promise for our students… Read More »

Op-Ed: Scott showed courage at bill-signing

By State Rep. Mike Yantachka I was privileged to witness the bill-signing ceremony on the front steps of the Vermont Statehouse on Wednesday, April 11, for three pieces of legislation: S.55, a universal background check bill; H.422, a domestic violence bill; and S.221, a “red flag” bill. These bills impose regulations on gun sales, prohibit… Read More »

Op-Ed by Scudder Parker — Making the case for a fair, simple income-based school tax

Education of our young people is one of the most important obligations of our democracy. And a funding system that enables school district voters throughout the state to make thoughtful budget decisions is key to fulfilling that obligation in Vermont. After the Vermont Supreme Court’s Brigham decision in 1997, the Legislature made a structural school… Read More »

Op-Ed by Rachel Lee Cummings — Vermont is on the right track with health care reform

Don’t let the current hubbub and steady stream of misinformation from Washington distract you from reality. The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obama Care, is working and will not be done in by the recent tax bill. Medicaid continues to expand, increasing the numbers insured. Tax credits will hold premiums steady for the majority of Americans. Young… Read More »

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