Rick’s Field of Dreams

By Rick Bessette, Shelburne Poet Laureate I recently found out about a member of our community that had just lost her husband a few months ago. In his final moments she quietly asked him, “Where can I look for you and still talk to you?” In his weakened state and with a soft voice, he… Read More »

More Vermonters need to weigh in on wildlife issues — Lark Shields

I recently attended the Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules meeting in Montpelier in regard to allowing extending otter season for trappers. I really wanted to see how the process works. Protect Our Wildlife has been on the forefront of calling out the Fish and Wildlife Department for allowing trappers to put forth frivolous petitions to… Read More »

Children should never be allowed to name pets

By Bill Schubart I’m not obsessive about pet names. I usually leave them to the kids, perhaps with a little parental guidance, like avoiding undistinguished names like Fluffy or Spot, or ambiguous names like Pussy, or aggressive names like Genghis or Trojan. So, when we drove up to Frank Bryan’s hill farm in Starksboro to… Read More »

Big thanks to Colangelo — Sally Wadhams

I really appreciate the expertise, time, and positive energy Joe Colangelo brings to his position as Town Manager. Thank you, Joe! I join zillions of other Shelburne residents who believe you’re doing an excellent job in a very challenging position. I’m also deeply grateful to live in a town full of citizens volunteering their time:… Read More »

Safety Spot

by Jim Buell As the summer winds down, fall brings many changes and one of those is that school is now back in session. With that our responsibilities change and as vehicle operators we need to take an extra moment and make sure we are: Watching out for the children walking or riding bikes to… Read More »

Sen. Sanders: Expand community health centers to tackle primary health-care crisis

Sen. Sanders: Expand community health centers to tackle primary health-care crisis

By Sen. Bernard Sanders The Trump-Ryan-McConnell “health care” bill currently being pushed by Republicans in Washington is one of the worst pieces of legislation to ever pass the U.S. House of Representatives in the modern history of our country. This legislation would throw 22 million Americans off of health insurance, cut Medicaid by almost $800… Read More »

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