Op-Ed — The power of nature works to clean waters

By Rose Paul In the outcry over bad water quality in Lake Carmi and the continuing drumbeat to improve water quality from the Connecticut River to Lake Champlain, there is one strategy often overlooked: smart investments in nature. Scientists know that wetlands and forests are naturally designed to filter sediment and pollutants such as excess… Read More »

Jaime Heins is a problem-solver — James Hayden

In Jaime’s service on the Planning Commission and on the Selectboard, he has shown himself to be hard-working, eager to hear views from all sides, to build consensus and to find solutions. Jaime’s position regarding the salt sheds is a great example of why I support his candidacy. Shortly after he came onto the Selectboard,… Read More »

Heins adds balance to the Selectboard — Jason Grignon

I’m writing in support of Jaime Heins for Selectboard after having had the privilege of working with him on the Planning Commission while he was chair. His calm, respectful, measured, genuine approach enabled and encouraged all voices to be heard. His attention to detail and even keel ensured perspectives were understood prior to decisions being… Read More »

Candidate Chris Boyd loves this town — Vivian Jordan

Last week, I attended the Candidates’ Forum. Each candidate made good points. For the one contested Selectboard seat, I will be voting for Chris Boyd. I’ve known him a little less than a year, but from the beginning, I’ve found him to be friendly, open-minded, respectful, responsible, knowledgeable, diligent and kind. Following the forum, after… Read More »

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