‘Don’t Forget I Love You’ — Rose Gallagher

As a graduate of Shelburne Community School and Champlain Valley Union High School, I am grateful for the special community I call home. I now live in Boston and have begun a career as a registered nurse. I’m currently working on a project that is incredibly important to me, and appreciate greatly the opportunity to… Read More »

Disappointed with Shelburne News report — Elise Dietrich Seraus

I was disappointed at the clear bias of the recent article about the selectboard’s vote to appeal Judge Sessions’ ruling pertaining to the hazmat ordinance. The article was full of pointed inaccuracies: Brian Shupe, executive director of the Vermont Natural Resources Council, the organization which stepped forward with funding for the appeal is NOT a… Read More »

Farmers, money, cows and water quality

By Sen. Christopher Pearson For years farmers have been punished by low milk prices. That hurts everyone because farmers are central to Vermont’s economy and our way of life. We need local food. We need our lands in production. In other words, we need farmers to earn a fair price for milk. It’s also essential… Read More »

Legislators explain their marijuana bill votes

Editor’s note: The Vermont House of Representatives last week voted to approve a bill that would legalize possession of small amounts of marijuana. Shelburne Democrats Kate Webb and Jessica Brumsted cast votes on either side of the issue: Webb voting for the measure and Brumsted voting against. The Shelburne News asked them to share the… Read More »

Op-Ed — Legislature has opportunity to help Vermont workers next session

By Sen. Debbie Ingram Today, too many Vermonters work hard and still can’t adequately support their families. During this upcoming legislative session, state leaders have the opportunity to enact two measures that will improve the lives of working people, their families, and our communities. The first measure is to gradually raise the minimum wage from… Read More »

Hope for Shelburne in 2018 — Thomas Murphy

With the new year comes new hope. Hope that our elected officials will remember it’s an honor and a huge responsibility to represent us. Hope that respectful communication will be omnipresent. Hope that anger and tactlessness, and decisive manipulation of our governance is replenished with a willingness to listen, truly listen even when opinions differ.… Read More »

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