Boyd a ‘quiet voice of reason’ — Linda Riell

Over the past 30 plus years, I’ve come to recognize Chris Boyd as a quiet voice of reason in our town. Through his work with the fire and highway departments and service as a former Selectboard member, Chris has demonstrated his willingness to listen respectfully, study important issues, learn the facts and seek best outcomes… Read More »

Supports Jaime Heins for Selectboard — Ted Johnson

I have been a Shelburne resident for 35 years and have witnessed a disturbing trend in the way our publically elected servants and officials are treated by a small, but very vocal minority of some residents. Fortunately, there are some competent town folks who are willing to step into the fray and help to get… Read More »

Heins is dedicated, capable — Sean MacFaden

As town meeting approaches, I would like to thank all Shelburne residents, past and present, who volunteer their time, expertise, and community spirit serving on the town’s boards, commissions, and committees. The public meetings at which the town’s future is debated, planned, and implemented often run long into the evening, taking volunteers (and all townspeople… Read More »

Report from Montpelier

Report from Montpelier

By Rep. Jessica Brumsted After the horrible events that happened last week in Florida, I couldn’t help but write about my frustration in wanting to do more to protect our children’s right to feel safe at school. We need to come together and do something. It almost happened here in Vermont except for a tip… Read More »

Update from the Vermont Senate

Update from the Vermont Senate

I’d like to briefly update readers on three important bills before the Senate. First, the Senate will be debating an increase to the minimum wage later this week. A Senate committee has recommended an increase of $4.50 over a six-year period. This is a more aggressive schedule than current law, which raises the wage by… Read More »

Boyd’s track record qualifies him — Vivian Jordan

Why Chris Boyd? History: He’s been a Shelburne resident for 34 years. Chris knows our town inside and out. Experience and Participation: He’s a past selectboard member (elected by the people, not appointed) who continues to attend meetings. He knows the ropes. Knowledge: Former employee with the Shelburne Highway Department and at the Wastewater Treatment Plant,… Read More »

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