Young journalists preserving local news

Readers may have noticed the Community News byline on recent stories in this paper. This is a new project in collaboration with the University of Vermont to train and educate student journalists. I’m writing to let people know about the project and thank this paper for collaborating. In recent years, there has been a hollowing… Read More »

Coyote story nailed it

Thank you for the amazing front cover and gorgeous photo of the young coyote in last week’s Citizen and Shelburne News. That article was so well-written and compelling — and it’s so important that we continue to educate the world on the vital importance of our natural wildlife — and what happens when we destroy… Read More »

What’s up with ash trees?

On July 11,  the Shelburne Tree Advisory Committee started tagging ash trees in the town center, on School Street, on the Parade Grounds and across from the entrance to the Shelburne Shopping Center to educate and alert the public on how to identify an ash tree and the impending invasion of the emerald ash borer. This… Read More »

Fake bike lanes on Falls Road

Driving along the rebuilt Falls Road a week ago, I was puzzled by the pairs of freshly painted white lines on the shoulders. Each shoulder has one straight line 10 feet from the center of the road and a second line meandering drunkenly in and out beyond that. Bike lanes came to my mind, but… Read More »

Thanking our legislators

The past legislative session seemed particularly challenging. I did have occasion to pay attention to it on a fairly regular basis and I must say that legislators have a tough job. It needs to be said again that they work long hours under real pressure for very little compensation. I especially want to thank Shelburne… Read More »

Thanks for 2019 Memorial Day support

I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for all those who participated in the Memorial Day Ceremony on May 27 at the Shelburne Veterans’ Monument. Everyone did an outstanding job from the beginning of planning, through some rough spots, to the conduct and most successful conclusion of the ceremony. Year after year,… Read More »

Another native Vermonter relocates away

The people I befriended in Shelburne/Charlotte will always be near and dear to my heart. Plus, they represent half my life. Yup, 60 years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Trahan gave birth to an outgoing child in Burlington. I’m hoping this letter to the editor will make it into the many households I didn’t personally say… Read More »

Be responsible regarding Easter bunnies and chicks

In the weeks following Easter, after all the goodie baskets have been emptied and chocolate rabbits have long since been eaten, thousands of real live bunnies flood into animal shelters across the country. What’s that all about? Amidst all the springtime advertising linking Easter with baby bunnies and chicks, some well-meaning parents give live animals… Read More »

Look back and learn

I’m glad the town finally decided to end the battle against Vermont Railway. Now, I ask they look back and learn from the mistakes that cost us $516,000. Reflection may improve the operation of the select board, which may help regain the trust of taxpayers and business owners. I opposed the ordinance from the beginning… Read More »

Raising money for the poor

Raising money for the poor

The 5th Grade PREP (religious education) students from St. Catherine of Siena in Shelburne wish to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for joining us and contributing so generously to our Catholic Relief Services Rice Bowl Project Poverty Awareness Campaign Bake Sales at the Parish Hall and Shelburne Market on Sunday, March 31.… Read More »