Dudley: Judicial system wasn’t tough enough in bank fraud case

To the Editor: A habitual 12-time bank robber, Elizabeth Rodriguez, and constant thief of others’ identities, recently received a three-and-a-half-year prison sentence, for her 13th bank robbery attempt. OMG! If a 12-time bank robber (I liken her to Bonnie Parker of Bonnie and Clyde fame) can plea-bargain her way to a three-and-a-half-year prison sentence with… Read More »

Holcombe: We need a new playbook

By REBECCA HOLCOMBE At the center of Gov. Phil Scott’s reelection campaign is his claim that because of his efforts, “Vermont has avoided about $71 million in forecasted property tax rate increases.” If we don’t understand why this claim is flawed, we are vulnerable to poor budgeting practices and ill-equipped to respond to demographic and… Read More »

We should be proud of our Vermont elections

By JIM CONDOS Election Day is fast approaching. On Tuesday, Nov. 6, Vermonters will head to the ballot box to vote for the people who will represent them, from justice of the peace all the way up to governor and members of Congress. Free and fair elections are the bedrock of our democracy in Vermont… Read More »

Debbie Ingram is writer’s first choice in Chittenden senate race

To the Editor: I strongly encourage Shelburne area residents to re-elect Debbie Ingram as one of our six hardworking Vermont state senators from Chittenden County. In her first term in Montpelier, she has proved herself a concerned, dedicated, well-informed legislator determined to help improve life for all Vermonters. She will continue her efforts to achieve… Read More »

Former Rep. Lenes backs Sen. Sirotkin

To the Editor: Please join me in giving one of your six Chittenden County Senate votes to Michael Sirotkin. Michael has always been a strong advocate for consumers and working families both throughout his professional career and his five years in the Senate. He was appointed by his peers to chair the important Senate Economic… Read More »

Former Lt. Gov. Brian Dubie backs Don Turner for the job

To the Editor: The office of lieutenant governor provides an opportunity to build bridges and close partisan divides. Don Turner has demonstrated in the legislature that he treats all people fairly and with respect. Don Turner will make a great lieutenant governor for the people of Vermont. Don Turner has the skills, experience and temperament… Read More »

Connie Ramsey: Judge roles explained

To the Editor: I was one of two candidates who won the Democratic primary for assistant judge in August, each of us receiving about 20 percent of the vote. Technically, however, we lost to a blank space on the ballot that received 38 percent of the vote. I don’t believe that voter apathy or a… Read More »