Welch works for commonsense solutions to Vermont problems

To the Editor: I am writing to urge you to vote for Congressman Peter Welch in the Democratic Primary on August 14. Peter Welch is a five-term Congressman who has represented Vermont well in the House of Representatives since 2007. Peter’s record clearly reflects the views of a large majority of Vermont residents. He is seasoned and experienced. Very importantly,… Read More »

Burlington responds after wastewater spill into Lake Champlain

By Chapin Spencer Lake Champlain helps make our communities a special place to live. It has been our priority to steward Burlington’s natural assets for our residents, our neighbors and future generations. We have suffered recent unfortunate infrastructure challenges at our Main Wastewater Treatment Plant – including a recent discharge of approximately 2.9 million gallons… Read More »

The property tax is what’s wrong with school taxes

It was a messy finish to a messy legislative session, but Vermonters can take some comfort that no permanent damage was done to the state education funding system. It’s disappointing that the governor insisted on another year of pretend budgeting – using one-time revenue again to artificially lower property tax rates. But, hey, worse ideas… Read More »

Op-Ed: Commissioners: Vermonters must work together to prevent suicide — Mark Levine and Melissa Bailey

Several high-profile deaths by suicide, along with a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, have put this public health issue in the spotlight once again. In Vermont, where suicide is now the eighth leading cause of death, we are working to put systems in place that help people before a crisis.… Read More »

Special Olympics athletes receive health screenings by volunteers

Special Olympics athletes receive health screenings by volunteers

Health professionals and volunteers from across New England provided comprehensive health screenings for children and adults with intellectual disabilities at the Special Olympics Vermont Summer Games at the University of Vermont last month. A unique partnership between the Vermont State Dental Society and Special Olympics Vermont allowed hundreds of athletes to receive dental screenings, and a… Read More »

Editorial: Like a death in the family

Newsrooms around America have been rattled by last week’s murders of five people at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Md. A man who’s been upset with the newspaper since 2011 used a shotgun to blast through a glass wall and kill four journalists and an advertising assistant. The report is jarring because every newspaper that… Read More »