Scott Hadley’s legacy

To the Shelburne Community, King Street Center would like to publicly recognize Shelburne resident Scott Hadley for his dedication to children in our community over the past 12 years. Scott exhibits all the attributes you’d want in a board member – he cares deeply about giving kids meaningful opportunities, and also understands how a stable,… Read More »

Shelburne Field House rocks!

What a night we had in celebration of Earth Hour, music, and the library! A big “Thank You” to Lou Natale, Shelburne resident and owner of the Shelburne Field House, for organizing such a great event. After spending years on the fields with my children playing baseball, soccer, and field hockey, I loved seeing this… Read More »

Monitor sex offenders

Your story about soon-to-be-released sex offender, Gregory Gabert (March 28 issue), is an example of what should happen when police and justice agencies work together and are transparent in their actions. Nevertheless and not long ago, a local man charged with sex crimes against children seemingly fell through the cracks with tragic results. In May… Read More »

Open letter to Vermont Commissioner of Health

In your Feb. 25, 2019 letter to Congress, you call for censorship of online vaccine “misinformation,” meaning reports or science that contradict the health department’s “state-sanctioned” messaging, which has included supporting the removal of all non-medical exemptions to vaccines. I find this deeply disturbing, and an obvious attack on an individual’s right to free and… Read More »

Kudos for CVU

Kudos to CVU, Candy Padula and the students involved in “The Laramie Project.” I commend you on your courage for putting this marginalized community front and center. I also congratulate you for the amazing skill and talent that was displayed in performing such an intense and emotionally jarring production. CVU has taken a big step… Read More »

Appreciation of community

I want to express my appreciation to the many of you who have offered thanks for my efforts on behalf of Shelburne during my term on the selectboard. The current level of engagement by the public in town policy-making is impressive and bodes well for the future. This, along with an increased focus on community… Read More »

Raising the Black Lives Matter flag

We propose that the Black Lives Matter flag will be raised at Champlain Valley Union High School in honor of Black History Month. We affirm that Black Lives Matter is a peaceful and empowering grassroots movement, advocating for racial justice and collective liberation. By raising the flag, we hope to make CVU a more inclusive… Read More »

We don’t have money for new fire and rescue station

This Town Meeting Day, the taxpayers will be asked to appropriate $25,000 in order to enter into a purchase/sale agreement with Healthy Living for a new firehouse/rescue location study. The land cost will be $650,000. Bob Finn, in an earlier, soundly-written letter, has rightly questioned this public/private funding, a valid observation. There has been no… Read More »

Article 8 right solution

’ll be voting in favor of Article 8 (the site study for a potential combined rescue and fire location) next week because it’s something that should have been given high priority a very long time ago. It has been disappointing to learn that former selectboards and town managers did not bring the request for a… Read More »