News shouldn’t cater to climate change skeptics

To the Editor: In an apparent bow to political diversity on the issue of global warming, the Shelburne News Dec. 27 edition included an article by libertarian political commentator John McClaughry in order, I presume, to balance the more laudable op-eds by Sandra Levine and Noah Tamas-Parris. It’s not as if McClaughry was adding some… Read More »

Climate change: Why I can’t give up

By NOAH TAMAS-PARRIS When I found out about this year’s United Nations climate report, I had a panic attack. I was pinned against the size of the world I lived in, shaking in the fear of my own smallness; little, little me against 7.6 billion people. I saw the 12 (now less than 12) years… Read More »

McClaughry: Climate change debatable

By JOHN MCCLAUGHRY Last month, the U.S. government’s Global Climate Research Program delivered a congressionally mandated National Climate Assessment report. “Grim” is too weak an adjective for the terrors that the report describes. Here’s an attempt to summarize the document: The earth is steadily getting hotter. “Human activities, especially emissions of greenhouse gases, are the… Read More »

Sandra Levine: Picking up the pace on climate action

By SANDRA LEVINE Climate change is the biggest environmental and public health challenge of our generation. And fighting it just got tougher. Since 1990, climate-damaging emissions have increased 16 percent in Vermont. On top of that, the most recent report by more than 90 of the top climate scientists from 40 countries shows that the… Read More »

Winter Solstice and a Promise of Spring

By LYNDON CAREW How dark, how dark, the shortest day Brings hours of light too few, But when it ends and poles do change It hints that Spring is surely due. The darkness of that special day Makes feelings dreary and so down, But when next I see a longer day I know that Spring… Read More »

Cultural leaders plan programming for inclusion

Editor’s note: In response to an increase in hate crimes reported in Vermont, more than 80 cultural organizations in the state have signed a statement promoting inclusion, respect, and change in their communities. This is their statement. Last month, the FBI reported that hate crimes in Vermont increased for the second year in a row,… Read More »