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Thank you for Mary Abele’s inspirational message Thanks for publishing Mary Abele’s encouraging and inspiring call to everyone to contribute to the healing of our country. In her article “Where is God in All This?”she characterizes our President-Elect as a person with “good qualities” and “rough edges”. Doesn’t that describe each of us? She included… Read More »

Where is God in all of this?

Where is God in all of this?

By Rev. Mary Abele, All Souls Interfaith Gathering November, 2016. We are reeling from events at home and abroad, and we’ve just come through a very contentious election. It is natural to ask ‘where is God in all this’? God’s world is supposed to be peaceful, loving, and orderly. None of the above seems to… Read More »

Shelburne Food Shelf appreciates the support!

We are very grateful for the recent food and financial contributions from the Halloween parade and from Election Day that have come from many quarters in town. Food contributions have come from countless households, as well as from school classes, from a young child’s birthday party, from local churches, and drop-offs in our green bins… Read More »

Thank you from Jessica Comai Brumsted

To the voters in Chittenden 5-2, I thank you for electing me to represent you in the Vermont Legislature. I am honored – and humbled – that you have entrusted me with the responsibility of bringing your voice to Montpelier where I will work for you on issues that concern all of us. To my… Read More »

Thank you from Bruce Elmore

I want to thank all of the Shelburne voters that voted for me in my candidacy for state representative from Chittenden 5-2. I think I did well as a virtual unknown – my positions on the affordability of Vermont and the incessant increases in overall taxation were quite clear – I plan to run again… Read More »

Shelburne Little League open meeting

As the old saying goes, “better late than never”. I’ve been informed that the Shelburne Little League open kickoff meeting to elect a new board and committees is tonight (Thursday, Nov. 17) at 7pm at the town offices. I know it’s short notice, but if you have a young child who is interested in baseball,… Read More »

Thank you from Tim Ashe

I want to sincerely thank the people of Shelburne for your support in the election. Since becoming your Senator eight years ago, I’ve done my best to represent each Chittenden County community with the same enthusiasm as my own hometown. I bring the same enthusiasm today that I did when I was first sworn in.… Read More »

Thank you from Ginny Lyons

Thank you for your support of my reelection to the Vermont Senate. Your confidence in my work to represent you is greatly appreciated. Critical challenges face us during the coming legislative session. These include cost of living related to health care, education, good jobs, and energy. I will continue to take a balanced approach, to… Read More »

Thank you from Michael Sirotkin

Thank you to the voters of Shelburne  for supporting my re- election to the Vermont Senate.  It is truly a privilege to be one of six Senators representing the Chittenden District in Montpelier. I very much look forward to getting back to work with a new Administration come January. We have many challenges ahead and,… Read More »

Can one farm make a difference?

To all the farmers out there: I know that you’re sick and tired of people who aren’t even in the agricultural business telling you what to do with your farm, how to run it, making you change things without giving a thought to how that affects you personally. Although I can’t assure you that I’m… Read More »

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