The Readers Write

Book sale success The 50th anniversary was a banner year for the book sale! The Friends of the Pierson Library want to thank everyone who donated their books, volunteered their time, and attended the sale to look for treasures. The money raised by the sale helps fund programs and buy books and equipment for the… Read More »

The Readers Write

Stay alert on foot and behind the wheel On my way to UHC for blood work on a dark and dreary day, I drive along Route 7 to get to my destination. At the intersection of Main Street, I pull ahead and stop before preparing to proceed. Imagine my surprise when stopped, to see a pedestrian… Read More »

The Readers Write

Who’s in charge here? I have lived in Shelburne for over 54 years, paid my taxes, gotten along pretty well with the cops, made appropriate donations to all the good “causes”, and watched with amusement, amazement, and sometimes actual fear, at how Shelburne has evolved over that period of time. But the latest “board game”… Read More »

Letters to the Editor

Larger network of paths benefits Shelburne I wholeheartedly disagree with Bill Supple’s statement that “There are miles of professionally-designed and safe paths that link all the neighborhoods in Shelburne for pedestrians and bicyclists to use.”  While Shelburne is a beautiful town with much to offer, it pales in comparison to many Chittenden County towns such… Read More »

The Readers Write

Vote for Ed Cafferty Aug. 26 I hope that you will support my friend, Ed Cafferty, in the primary election on Aug. 26. Ed is a Democratic Candidate for Sheriff of Chittenden County. Chittenden County residents need a strong leader as Sheriff. They need a leader who will take on today’s challenges and actively work… Read More »

The Readers Write

We support Ed Cafferty for Sheriff Ed is our brother-in-law, friend, and next door neighbor (married to Susan Krasnow), but we support his bid to become Chittenden County Sheriff for many, more important reasons. Well qualified, he will be proactive in modernizing the office, hiring women Deputies (currently none), effectively advocate for more community drug… Read More »

Representatives, local news appreciated

I would like to use this opportunity to thank our Representatives, Joan Lenes and Kate Webb, for all their work this past year on our behalf, and also, notably, for their dependable and informative reports from Montpelier which routinely appear in this paper. Thanks also goes to Shelburne News for these feature articles. Since I frequently travel… Read More »

Thanks to Champlain Valley Hawks wrestling donors

The Champlain Valley Hawks wrestlers just completed their third very positive season.  The wrestling club attended many events and wrestled hard and proud. Without the support of our wrestling family, parents, coaches, and donors, we would not have had as much success. We look forward to another successful season. Your contributions helped. Thank you very… Read More »

Shelburne Supermarket deserves praise

The fifth annual bread baking event for Shelburne Community School (SCS) third graders held on May 14 as a partnership between SCS’s Food Education Every Day (FEED) program and Shelburne Farms is one of many opportunities throughout the year that aims to educate students about the connection between healthy food, Vermont farms, and good nutrition.… Read More »

Grateful for Memorial Day 2014 support

Again, our annual Memorial Day Ceremony, on May 26, 2014, on the Parade in Shelburne was a tremendous success. Only through the outstanding support provided by all those involved in the planning process from the beginning several months prior to and to the final conduct of the ceremony can this success be accomplished. In addition,… Read More »