Sen. Lyons thanks voters for their support

To the Editor: Thank you, Shelburne voters, for my re-election to the Vermont Senate. It is an honor to serve you and I appreciate your confidence in my work. I look forward to working on health care, water quality, education, affordable housing, energy, jobs and other issues. I will continue to take a balanced approach… Read More »

Local poet muses on the season

To the Editor: Looking out the window, I saw my inspiration to do this – such a beautiful time of year. This is where we live. Giving Thanks It’s a golden world – Late November in Vermont, Maple trees shedding Their leaves Of red & gold— The air is cool and damp— Fall is here…… Read More »

Veterans Home salutes veterans

To the Editor: The Vermont Veterans’ Home is extremely grateful for our U.S. military veterans, past and present. The rights and freedoms we enjoy are incumbent upon your unselfish service to our nation. We live in the greatest nation on earth and continue to thrive because of your commitment to duty, honor, and country. Please… Read More »

Dudley: Judicial system wasn’t tough enough in bank fraud case

To the Editor: A habitual 12-time bank robber, Elizabeth Rodriguez, and constant thief of others’ identities, recently received a three-and-a-half-year prison sentence, for her 13th bank robbery attempt. OMG! If a 12-time bank robber (I liken her to Bonnie Parker of Bonnie and Clyde fame) can plea-bargain her way to a three-and-a-half-year prison sentence with… Read More »

Debbie Ingram is writer’s first choice in Chittenden senate race

To the Editor: I strongly encourage Shelburne area residents to re-elect Debbie Ingram as one of our six hardworking Vermont state senators from Chittenden County. In her first term in Montpelier, she has proved herself a concerned, dedicated, well-informed legislator determined to help improve life for all Vermonters. She will continue her efforts to achieve… Read More »

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