The difference: Assistant, probate or side judge?

To the Editor: While campaigning for my third term as Chittenden County assistant judge, I have encountered many voters who seem confused about the difference between an assistant judge and a probate judge. One voter asked me if I was running against Gregory Glennon, the incumbent probate judge who is not an assistant judge. I… Read More »

Former state rep Lenes makes case for Peter Welch

To the Editor: Congressman Peter Welch is fighting for a positive, proactive, and practical agenda to rebuild the middle class.  He takes a commonsense approach to solving America’s challenges.  I believe Peter’s important work in the following areas represents what Vermonters want from Washington: • Cut prescription drug prices by negotiating bulk price discounts and… Read More »

Support for Sen. Debbie Ingram in Vermont’s Aug. 14 primary election

To the Editor: I urge Shelburne residents to support State Sen. Debbie Ingram in the Aug. 14 Democratic primary election. Debbie is a leader who is concerned about all citizens of our state, particularly those whose income level presents a constant struggle for decent and affordable housing, adequate wages, and comprehensive health coverage. During the past two years, Debbie has… Read More »

Welch works for commonsense solutions to Vermont problems

To the Editor: I am writing to urge you to vote for Congressman Peter Welch in the Democratic Primary on August 14. Peter Welch is a five-term Congressman who has represented Vermont well in the House of Representatives since 2007. Peter’s record clearly reflects the views of a large majority of Vermont residents. He is seasoned and experienced. Very importantly,… Read More »

Wildlife can benefit from humans — Lori Peckham

To the Editor, I’m writing in response to the article published on June 14 titled “Wildlife don’t need rescuing and could spread rabies.” There is more than one message to convey about this subject, and the overall feeling I got reading this story is “mixed.” The opening sentences begin with the very direct “just leave… Read More »