Slowing traffic on Marsett and Falls Roads — Tom Zenaty

I would add my voice to the many in town concerned about pedestrian safety, particularly on Marsett and Falls Roads. High vehicle speeds have been documented on those roads for years. We who live on those roads or in neighborhoods surrounding them are part of what we should proudly acknowledge is our “historic village core.” But walking… Read More »

Thank you for help addressing speed issue — Jane Zenaty

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Joe Colangelo, Peter Frankenburg, Selectboard members, and other town officials who work tirelessly and thoughtfully each year to produce a town budget that comes before the voters on town meeting day. Most specifically, I want to thank Joe and the board for their support of our citizen… Read More »

Working towards a safer village — Doris Sage

I’ve lived in Shelburne on Marsett Rd. over 30 years. My home has experienced many evolutions, new residents have moved in while others moved on, traffic has increased exponentially, vehicles are traveling faster, more school-age children are crossing the street, walking, or biking, but little has been done to calm the traffic. A group of… Read More »

Falls Road unnecessarily noisy — Neil Berger

I live on Falls Rd in Shelburne, which has become a major commuting thoroughfare. My stretch of the road was settled long ago, with handsome houses built close to the road, and we are now engulfed in rushing cars for the bulk of our waking hours. I feel the speed limit of 35 (with average… Read More »

The costs of extraction: make companies pay it – Amanda Silva

Mining-related disasters have been a recurring environmental problem throughout human history in nearly every country around the world that has natural resources for humans to exploit, from South America to Asia, to right here in our own backyard. People and the environment have suffered as a result of the operations of mining and other extractive industries.… Read More »

The Readers Write – Dr. Sanders

Reward for return of stolen items On Dec. 1, sadly at Mt. Philo State Park, the parking area was vandalized and the cars of visitors who had come to enjoy the natural beauty and inspirational nature of the park’s conservancy were burglarized. My son’s car was one of those vehicles attacked by thieves who smashed… Read More »

The Readers Write – Jackie McMakin

Thank you for Mary Abele’s inspirational message Thanks for publishing Mary Abele’s encouraging and inspiring call to everyone to contribute to the healing of our country. In her article “Where is God in All This?”she characterizes our President-Elect as a person with “good qualities” and “rough edges”. Doesn’t that describe each of us? She included… Read More »

Shelburne Food Shelf appreciates the support!

We are very grateful for the recent food and financial contributions from the Halloween parade and from Election Day that have come from many quarters in town. Food contributions have come from countless households, as well as from school classes, from a young child’s birthday party, from local churches, and drop-offs in our green bins… Read More »

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