Thank you Shelburne voters

Thanks to Shelburne voters for your support of my service as a school director. I’d like to take this opportunity to salute the teachers and administrators of SCS and CVU and, in particular, Chittenden South Supervisory Union. These professionals are dedicated to delivering the highest quality education experience to our children, as they do for… Read More »

Not in this location

There is a huge issue facing our town, and it is one that I believe we all need to pay attention to, and hopefully support. That is the proposed Salt Depot/Intermodal Station Vermont Rail System is starting to build behind Harbour Industries. There are dozens of reasons why this particular location is a really bad… Read More »

Concern as an engineer, parent and resident

I am deeply concerned about the Vermont Railway development here in Shelburne on many levels. As an engineer, I am concerned that Vermont Railway has submitted risk management documents in the past with respect to the storage of explosive material in Charlotte that were deemed inadequate by the Charlotte Fire Chief. When questioned on this,… Read More »

Look beyond the clear cutting of a clay plain forest

“We’re not changing anything,” Wulfson said. “All we’re doing is moving from the neighborhoods in Burlington to the backwoods in Shelburne.” That statement belies the 19-acre site clearing and multiple buildings, pits, garages, offices and salt warehouses planned for the railroad’s new railyard off Route 7 in Shelburne. If we can look beyond the clear… Read More »

Trust the wolf at the door?

I suspect I am like so many of us, going about my (increasingly busy, busy) daily life, putting up some seemingly smart barriers to the deluge of information that comes at me. But I have woken up to the stark fact that no mental barrier will stop this “train wreck” flying at my town and… Read More »

Thank you SCHIPs!

On behalf of the families, students and teachers from Shelburne Nursery School, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to SCHIPs Treasures Resale Shop for their continued support of our school through their grant program. The grant money will be used to offset our actual costs associated with providing high quality preschool education… Read More »

Too much is at stake

I am deeply concerned by the actions of Vermont Railway. My greatest personal concern is the unchecked environmental impact on the land where this proposed transload facility is to be located near and partially in a flood zone and the danger that it presents to the LaPlatte River, Lake Champlain and to all the residents… Read More »

Town desecration

I attended the Selectboard meeting Tuesday evening. I thought that Mr. Wulfson’s performance was disingenuous, to say the least. Coming on as such a nice, concerned neighbor who would not do any harm to the town after desecrating a pristine and irreplaceable natural treasure, and bullying our officials, claiming that he was following the federal… Read More »

Another reason to be proud of Shelburne

A bill with many connections to our town is being considered at the State House. H. 297 is an act to save elephants and rhinoceroses by prohibiting the sale of ivory or rhinoceros horn. Kudos to our Shelburne Reps. Joan Lenes for co-sponsoring the bill and Kate Webb, who helped H. 297 pass out of… Read More »

Vermont intermodal facility: a health concern

The proposed Shelburne intermodal facility threatens our health and undermines efforts to clean up Lake Champlain. Lake Champlain provides drinking water as well as recreational opportunities to surrounding communities. The health of the lake is inextricably linked to our health, and the health of our economy. Towns that border Lake Champlain, including Shelburne, recognize the… Read More »

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