Heins adds balance to the Selectboard — Jason Grignon

I’m writing in support of Jaime Heins for Selectboard after having had the privilege of working with him on the Planning Commission while he was chair. His calm, respectful, measured, genuine approach enabled and encouraged all voices to be heard. His attention to detail and even keel ensured perspectives were understood prior to decisions being… Read More »

Candidate Chris Boyd loves this town — Vivian Jordan

Last week, I attended the Candidates’ Forum. Each candidate made good points. For the one contested Selectboard seat, I will be voting for Chris Boyd. I’ve known him a little less than a year, but from the beginning, I’ve found him to be friendly, open-minded, respectful, responsible, knowledgeable, diligent and kind. Following the forum, after… Read More »

Who I’m supporting for the Selectboard — Lori Bergquist

“Perhaps the most effective way to create social change is to elect the right people.” This quote states exactly why I will be supporting Chris Boyd, Mary Kehoe and Jerry Storey in the upcoming elections for Selectboard in Shelburne. At the candidates’ forum Tuesday night, all four candidates clearly stated the importance of “changing the… Read More »

Shelburne is lucky to have Heins — Kristin and Julian Blazewicz

We would like to express our support of Jaime Heins’ candidacy in the upcoming Shelburne Selectboard election. During his interim appointment to the Shelburne Selectboard, Jaime has shown himself to be an objective, reasonable, intelligent and compassionate representative, serving his community with open-minded civility and excellence. To those of us who have the pleasure of… Read More »

Thoughtful candidates; keep local dispatch — Linda Riell

Chris Boyd, Mary Kehoe and Jerry Storey. Each brings a unique perspective and set of talents to a Selectboard ready for change. I look forward to thoughtful representation from these three candidates. I also encourage Shelburne voters to maintain our own excellent emergency response system. Local dispatch provides individualized service on calls because it has… Read More »

Shelburne needs Heins’ leadership — Eric Olsen

I’m writing to express my support for Jaime Heins in his run for the Selectboard. He represents exactly the kind of leadership Shelburne sorely needs right now: a thoughtful, engaged listener who brings out the best in others and finds consensus on the policy and fiscal issues that affect every single one of us. He… Read More »