Heins is dedicated, capable — Sean MacFaden

As town meeting approaches, I would like to thank all Shelburne residents, past and present, who volunteer their time, expertise, and community spirit serving on the town’s boards, commissions, and committees. The public meetings at which the town’s future is debated, planned, and implemented often run long into the evening, taking volunteers (and all townspeople… Read More »

Boyd’s track record qualifies him — Vivian Jordan

Why Chris Boyd? History: He’s been a Shelburne resident for 34 years. Chris knows our town inside and out. Experience and Participation: He’s a past selectboard member (elected by the people, not appointed) who continues to attend meetings. He knows the ropes. Knowledge: Former employee with the Shelburne Highway Department and at the Wastewater Treatment Plant,… Read More »

Jaime Heins for selectboard — Roger Preis

I write to encourage my fellow residents to return Jaime Heins to the selectboard on Town Meeting Day. I am grateful to be part of the Shelburne community. However, it has also saddened me to see the divisiveness and incivility over the past years and, at times, mean-spirited nature of some individuals against our public… Read More »

A notable thank you — Katherine Knox

I wanted to communicate my delight and appreciation for featuring me as a “Notable Neighbor” in both The Citizen and the Shelburne News. It is truly an honor to have been represented so beautifully in the paper(s). The article came out at the same time that I learned that my beloved aunt had become a… Read More »