Too much is at stake

I am deeply concerned by the actions of Vermont Railway. My greatest personal concern is the unchecked environmental impact on the land where this proposed transload facility is to be located near and partially in a flood zone and the danger that it presents to the LaPlatte River, Lake Champlain and to all the residents… Read More »

Town desecration

I attended the Selectboard meeting Tuesday evening. I thought that Mr. Wulfson’s performance was disingenuous, to say the least. Coming on as such a nice, concerned neighbor who would not do any harm to the town after desecrating a pristine and irreplaceable natural treasure, and bullying our officials, claiming that he was following the federal… Read More »

Another reason to be proud of Shelburne

A bill with many connections to our town is being considered at the State House. H. 297 is an act to save elephants and rhinoceroses by prohibiting the sale of ivory or rhinoceros horn. Kudos to our Shelburne Reps. Joan Lenes for co-sponsoring the bill and Kate Webb, who helped H. 297 pass out of… Read More »

Vermont intermodal facility: a health concern

The proposed Shelburne intermodal facility threatens our health and undermines efforts to clean up Lake Champlain. Lake Champlain provides drinking water as well as recreational opportunities to surrounding communities. The health of the lake is inextricably linked to our health, and the health of our economy. Towns that border Lake Champlain, including Shelburne, recognize the… Read More »

No thank you Vermont Railway

I am in opposition to the Vermont Railway development for many reasons. As chair of the Shelburne Community School school board, my main concern is the safety of kids. The increased train and truck traffic exposes kids walking and biking to and from school to increased danger. This increased traffic increases fire and emergency response… Read More »

More Josh Dein support

I am so pleased to learn that Josh Dein has stepped forward to run for a three-year term on the Selectboard. I’ve come to know Josh as a neighbor and as a fellow Shelburne Natural Resources and Conservation Committee (SNRCC) member. I’ve seen how his past experience with small town governance while he lived in Wisconsin has given… Read More »

Vermont Rail and public safety

The details of the Vermont Rail System plans have clearly elicited public comment. Of all the potential negatives that this planned development brings to town, the most concerning is related to public safety. I want to make several points which have not been widely discussed to this point. First is that the proposed facility is about… Read More »

Railway development concerns

Recently, I have listened to the links to the last two Shelburne Select board meetings regarding the Vermont Rail System’s proposed facility. I understand how the preemption issue complicates the issue of this rail project, but while Vermont Rail had its success with preemption of Act 250 back in 2005, my understanding is that if… Read More »

Vermont Rail System pushback

We are under attack. If Vermont Rail System is not stopped from making an unload and distribution station in our village, we will lose all that makes Shelburne special and unique. We will become an industrial by-product. It angers me that we must suffer as a town and community for the profit of railroad and… Read More »

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