The Readers Write

Pensions and fossil fuel Recently there has been a push for the Vermont Treasurer and the Vermont Pension Investment Committee (VPIC) to divest itself of its fossil fuel holdings. While I believe most Vermonters support our state’s move away from its dependence on such fuel sources and embrace a clean energy portfolio, divestiture is not… Read More »

In response to zero tolerance

I too share in the tragic loss of the three cyclists killed on Vermont roads in the past few months and agree with laws of sharing of the road by both cars and bikes needing to be reviewed. Obviously there are some specific ones that are often not followed by motorists, texting, phone use and… Read More »

Horseback riding safety

I live in Shelburne Orchards off Orchard Rd. I have been horseback riding for over 30 years. In the last few years the traffic on Bostwick Road and Orchard Road has increased tenfold. Last year I was almost hit by a car on Orchard Road. They were going too fast rounding the corner by our driveway,… Read More »

Town Beach Boat Launch

On Wednesday, June 25th, I experienced a troubling event while launching and retrieving my sailboat at the town beach. The boat launch is clearly posted “Boat access is strictly for launching watercraft. No dogs or pets. No sunbathing, picnicking, swimming, No fires.” When I launched my sailboat around 4:30pm there was a family (mother and… Read More »

Issues with Harbor Place

I have been following with interest the ​events around Harbor Place. At its inception it was swept in behind closed doors without any Shelburne community notification. That secrecy by Champlain Housing Trust and the former Shelburne Town Manager felt disrespectful to me and a bit suspicious at the time. Their disregard of Shelburne’s legal, local zoning processes must have… Read More »

Zero tolerance

My husband and I used to traverse the many bike routes of Vermont with total peace of mind and pure joy, our senses exploding with all nature has to offer. Now it is with a heavy heart that I write this letter to the Editor and community at large. The recent, tragic deaths of three… Read More »

CSWD new cost to you

$5.46. That’s about how much the Chittenden Solid Waste District (CSWD) would charge your household if you were to bring all the recyclables you generate in an entire year to our Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Williston, once the July 1 fee increase goes into effect. The MRF is where we process recyclables that trash… Read More »

Thanks for support on Memorial Day 2015

I wish to thank all those who made the Memorial Day Ceremony, 25 May 2015, such a tremendous success. This was only accomplished by the outstanding support provided by those involved in the planning process from its beginning several months ago to the final conduct of the ceremony. And, I wish to express my sincere… Read More »

The Readers Write: Concerns over Harbor Place

On April 28 a group of about 20 residents from Hullcrest/Hedgerow and surrounding neighborhoods in Shelburne attended a Selectboard meeting. After discussion with neighbors, I agreed to speak on behalf many of them. Below are my comments. The reason I am [writing this] is to express my concerns about safety and quality of life issues… Read More »

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