Clarifications on pedestrian safety improvements

To the Editor: The Village Pedestrian Safety Group would like to respond to a recent letter to the Shelburne News regarding our efforts to reduce vehicular speed and enhance safe pedestrian movement in the village.  It was suggested that the results of our advocacy, (resulting in such things as the installation of crosswalks and reduced… Read More »

Village traffic safety still needs our attention

To the Editor: I agree with Ernie Goodrich (Letter, Shelburne News, Sept. 27) that village traffic has noticeably increased. However, contrary to his assertions, the Village Pedestrian Safety Group has pursued a very long and thorough process with town officials and professionals in proposing improvements. And the group has bent over backwards to minimize costs.… Read More »

New citizens can keep old allegiances

To the Editor: Please note that upon becoming a U.S. citizen by naturalization, most applicants do not lose the citizenship of their home country contrary to “Aboard Ticonderoga, Vermonters become new American citizens” (The Citizen, Sept. 20). Based on the U.S. Department of State regulation of dual citizenship, the Supreme Court of the U.S. has stated… Read More »

Chief Frank Koss explains Hinesburg’s rejected bid for school resource officer

To the Editor: After Shelburne News’s article on the school resource officer (Sept. 20), I have received several calls concerning Shelburne Police receiving the contract for the office at Champlain Valley Union High School, located here in Hinesburg. My biggest concern was the question of why an officer in Hinesburg costs $103,000 a year and… Read More »

Do Not Fight Fall

By SABINA EVARTS Do not fight fall – It harbors no ill will towards you. Gently it pushes through summer’s last warm days with brisk winds, hurrying clouds, stray red maple leaves. Let it come – Absently remark about the shorter days, cooler air, your fading garden. Yet feel the quickening within you! And the… Read More »

Reader appreciates smoke shop entrepreneur in town

To the Editor: I enjoyed reading Madeline Hughes’ article on Jordan Holstein’s new shop. (Shelburne News, Sept. 13) For living in such a liberal state, it continues to shock me that the Selectboard would even consider an ordinance against a perfectly legal shop from opening. Here is a young man working hard and trying to… Read More »

Youth mentors needed at Shelburne Community School

To the Editor: The Connecting Youth Mentoring Program at Shelburne Community School is looking for community members to become volunteer mentors to students who would benefit from the friendship of an additional adult in their life. Mentors and mentee pairs meet weekly at the school during the school day for about 45 minutes. Our mentoring… Read More »

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