The Vile Subset is just what we need — Vivian Jordan

We are a group of Shelburne residents who don’t agree with some of what goes on in Selectboard meetings and behind closed doors. We have been vocal. Following his resignation, former board member John Kerr publicly labeled us a “vile subset.” We immediately embraced that assignation with pride and a sense of humor. Coincidentally, those… Read More »

Heins and Boyd offer a distinct choice — Matt Wormser

Elections are about choices, and we have two candidates with a long history of volunteerism running for current Selectboard member Jamie Heins’ seat — Heins and Chris Boyd. In reviewing candidate forum dialogue for each, two responses stood to me. In a question regarding whether additional gun regulation is worth consideration in light of the… Read More »

Chris Boyd is willing to speak out — Kenneth Albert

Chris Boyd really cares about Shelburne. He is passionate about keeping Shelburne a great place to live. His was a positive and reasoned citizen-voice during the recent uproar in Shelburne about the conduct of the Selectboard, how the town is managing the railroad salt shed issue and the way Chief Warden was treated. Chris was… Read More »

High-quality candidates; Heins earns my vote — Tom Zenaty

I have been excited to see the array of quality candidates running for election. I am hopeful that, following this upcoming election, we will see an improvement in the internal workings of the board and in its interactions with town residents. Jerry Storey and Mary Kehoe are running unopposed and both bring intelligence, maturity and… Read More »

Chris Boyd for Shelburne Selectboard — Bruce Nunziata

After careful consideration of two very capable candidates, I have decided to support Chris Boyd for the remainder of the two-year position on the Shelburne Selectboard. I’ve known Chris Boyd for only a few months but we’ve had some meaningful conversations about the many issues and challenges currently facing the town. Chris perceived the difficulties… Read More »

Boyd a ‘quiet voice of reason’ — Linda Riell

Over the past 30 plus years, I’ve come to recognize Chris Boyd as a quiet voice of reason in our town. Through his work with the fire and highway departments and service as a former Selectboard member, Chris has demonstrated his willingness to listen respectfully, study important issues, learn the facts and seek best outcomes… Read More »

Supports Jaime Heins for Selectboard — Ted Johnson

I have been a Shelburne resident for 35 years and have witnessed a disturbing trend in the way our publically elected servants and officials are treated by a small, but very vocal minority of some residents. Fortunately, there are some competent town folks who are willing to step into the fray and help to get… Read More »

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