Need for Australian Ballot vote on town’s legal expenses — Doris Sage

At the beginning of [last week’s Selectboard] meeting, Rick Bessette, poet laureate, asked us to honestly see ourselves as a community, a family of kind, to live in peace. He shared his heartfelt message. The Selectboard chair loves to bamboozle residents and focuses his answers on circumventing questions. I appreciate a direct approach, and needless… Read More »

Transparency deficiencies—Vinny DeToma Shelburne

As I continue to witness and experience organizations who are ruled by committees, private agendas, and lack of civility toward one another, I continue to be amazed at the lack of transparency. From what I’ve been reading it sounds the same with the Shelburne Selectboard, the Water and Sewer Department, the “friends” of Pierson Library… Read More »

Readers Write Deadline

The deadline for letters to the editor for the Nov. 2 edition of the Shelburne News is 5 p.m. Friday. Please email letters to or drop off at 233 Falls Road. Letters regarding the Nov. 7 upcoming bond vote for the library project will run subject to space availability. Writers are asked to keep… Read More »

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