More Vermonters need to weigh in on wildlife issues — Lark Shields

I recently attended the Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules meeting in Montpelier in regard to allowing extending otter season for trappers. I really wanted to see how the process works. Protect Our Wildlife has been on the forefront of calling out the Fish and Wildlife Department for allowing trappers to put forth frivolous petitions to… Read More »

Big thanks to Colangelo — Sally Wadhams

I really appreciate the expertise, time, and positive energy Joe Colangelo brings to his position as Town Manager. Thank you, Joe! I join zillions of other Shelburne residents who believe you’re doing an excellent job in a very challenging position. I’m also deeply grateful to live in a town full of citizens volunteering their time:… Read More »

Shelburne Players say farewell

Shelburne Players say farewell

The Shelburne Players are preparing to say goodbye to two of their long-term board members. Barbara and Dan Cimaglio have plans to return to their hometown of Chicago, where their daughter and granddaughter live. Both have given so much to the Players over the years: Barbara with her organizational skills and Dan with his carpentry skills.… Read More »

Youth Catalytics grant rescission short-sighted — Susan Hong

The recent abrupt rescission by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services of $2.25 million in grant funds to develop evidence-based and effective pregnancy prevention programs for youth is alarming. (Charlotte nonprofit loses $2.25 million in federal budget cut, Aug. 3) Charlotte-based Youth Catalytics and its collaborators excel in using scientific findings to develop… Read More »

Shelburne Rescue thanks community — John Kelley

The members and officers of Shelburne Rescue would like to thank all the residents who responded so generously in support of our annual subscription drive, with an added special thanks to those who gave a gift over and above the subscription amount. Your support and generosity are a key reason why, despite the ever-increasing cost… Read More »

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