Fact-based dialogue needed in ongoing gun debate — Robert Rich

Champlain Valley Union High School student Ethan Duncan’s recent contributions to the Shelburne News are commendable. It is heartening to hear from young people who present cogent, reasoned arguments based on critical thought and factual evidence. In formulating his position, Mr. Duncan demonstrated the capacity to reject the hysterical and fearful misinformation so often presented in… Read More »

Thanks to Joe Colangelo — Tom and Jane Zenaty

To the Editor: We want offer our sincere thanks and appreciation for Joe Colangelo’s work as Shelburne’s Town Manager. Through our work with him in recent years we have been so impressed with his incredible work ethic, his generosity, for instance, in suggesting ways the Village ​Pedestrian Safety Group could most effectively engage with key constituencies in… Read More »

Thanks for the grant supporting our program

To the Editor: The families, students and teachers of Shelburne Nursery School would like to extend our sincere gratitude to SCHIPs Treasure Retail Shop for its continued support of our school through its grant program. We were thrilled to receive a generous grant this year. The grant money will be used to offset our actual… Read More »

Speeding through Shelburne village is still a problem

To the Editor: Shelburne village is a special and unique place. A residential neighborhood with nearby shops, restaurants and businesses. And, where else in Vermont can you drive through a historic village at 50 mph? It’s a shame that walking in the village feels like walking the interstate because in addition to high speed traffic… Read More »

Limiting portable grants hurts options for low-income students — Julia Tabor

Three thousand eight hundred low-income college-bound Vermonters take part in a grant program administered by the Vermont Student’s Assistance Corporation, drawing from the Vermont Education Fund. These grants currently help subsidize the post-secondary educations of many low-income Vermonters seeking their first bachelor’s degree. To be considered, students must demonstrate financial need. These grants are “portable”… Read More »