In support of expanding the Bottle Bill — Jeff Phillips

Since the 1970’s, the Bottle Bill has supported Vermont’s best litter prevention and waste reduction program – the bottle redemption system. Taking reusable items, recycling them and then repurposing the recycled material into the same or different products allows for the reduced use of non-renewable virgin natural resources. In 2018, we may be seeing pressure… Read More »

Thoughts on coyotes — Jim White

I enjoyed reading Susie Faber’s recent back page article, “Coyotes Prepare for Winter” (The Citizen, Nov. 22). Her ability to identify with the coyote stealing her plums off the tree shows a humane approach to dealing with the human-wildlife conflicts that are ever more frequent with spreading development and the destruction of fields and forest. Her… Read More »

Thank you to the mediator — Jaime Heins

I’d like to extend a public thank you to Ritchie Berger for his extraordinary efforts to help resolve the ethics complaints and related litigation among Chief Jerry Ouimet, Dr. Colleen Parker and the Shelburne Ethics Committee. Mr. Berger volunteered his time and expertise as a neutral mediator (at no cost to the town) and we… Read More »

Vermonters sound off on energy costs, efficiency — Karen Glitman

Energy eats up a large portion of Vermonters’ monthly expenses. That’s one thing we heard from Vermonters we met during Efficiency Vermont’s statewide tour this fall. In addition to these in-person conversations and live polling, Efficiency Vermont gathered input online to help identify the most pressing energy issues facing Vermonters. Of the people who attended… Read More »

Need for Australian Ballot vote on town’s legal expenses — Doris Sage

At the beginning of [last week’s Selectboard] meeting, Rick Bessette, poet laureate, asked us to honestly see ourselves as a community, a family of kind, to live in peace. He shared his heartfelt message. The Selectboard chair loves to bamboozle residents and focuses his answers on circumventing questions. I appreciate a direct approach, and needless… Read More »