Reckless Rail Rally protest held in Shelburne

Reckless Rail Rally protest held in Shelburne

Chanting “Salt sheds no! Watersheds yes!” as they marched through the streets of Shelburne, several hundred protesters braved dreary weather on Sunday, May 1 at the Reckless Rail Rally. Anti-rail activists made plenty of noise as they banged on pots and pans and walked from Shelburne Community School down Harbor Road and onto Route 7.… Read More »

Form Based Zoning adopted at Selectboard meeting

After years of work, Form Based Zoning was adopted at the April 26 meeting of the Selectboard. It was one of several issues on the agenda for the meeting. “This has been a long project,” Dean Pierce, director of Planning and Zoning, said as he started a presentation on the proposed subdivision and zoning by-law… Read More »

Selectboard honors volunteers

“We’re a town of volunteers. Our town runs the way it does because people step up to the plate,” Selectboard Chair Gary von Stange said, praising the many volunteers who make up Shelburne’s commissions, boards and committees (CBCs). Some of the things that make Shelburne what it is were highlighted during the April 12 meeting… Read More »

Selectboard tackles a full agenda

The Selectboard faced a packed agenda at the Mar. 22 meeting. Numerous ordinances were before the members, as well as a long list of appointments to commissions, boards and committees (CBCs). Several of the items facing the board were the products of years of discussion and work. The agenda packed with ordinances was due to… Read More »

Concern as an engineer, parent and resident

I am deeply concerned about the Vermont Railway development here in Shelburne on many levels. As an engineer, I am concerned that Vermont Railway has submitted risk management documents in the past with respect to the storage of explosive material in Charlotte that were deemed inadequate by the Charlotte Fire Chief. When questioned on this,… Read More »

Trust the wolf at the door?

I suspect I am like so many of us, going about my (increasingly busy, busy) daily life, putting up some seemingly smart barriers to the deluge of information that comes at me. But I have woken up to the stark fact that no mental barrier will stop this “train wreck” flying at my town and… Read More »

Town and school budgets passed, articles approved

Town and school budgets passed, articles approved

Shelburne residents gathered Monday at Shelburne Community School for town meeting. Dave Connery, SCS school board chair, gave a presentation that highlighted the institution’s successes and he spoke about the budget. Among the high points were students’ high scores on the NECAP tests, which included taking top spot in the state for Science. Connery pointed… Read More »

Too much is at stake

I am deeply concerned by the actions of Vermont Railway. My greatest personal concern is the unchecked environmental impact on the land where this proposed transload facility is to be located near and partially in a flood zone and the danger that it presents to the LaPlatte River, Lake Champlain and to all the residents… Read More »